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Blue Monday – Spring Training   12 comments

We are headed for Arizona next weekend to catch a couple of Spring Training games!  I am sharing some pictures from our trip last year.  This is an annual tradition for us and I can’t wait to get there! 

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Maui Tide Pool   30 comments

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More Maui   3 comments

Day 2

On Day 2 of our Maui trip we went Whale Watching, which was an amazing experience!  February is peak whale watching month in Hawaii and this year it was a very active season for the whales!

 After whale watching we decided to take a drive to West Maui’s rugged North Shore.  My camera battery was almost dead due to all the pictures I took while whale watching!  I had to take pictures sparingly. Being a pictureholic – that is a tough thing to ask!! 

Day 3

Our third day in Maui, we decided to check out Maui’s high country or up country, Mama’s Fish House, and the road to Hana. 

Maui’s high country is so pastural and lush filled with horse properties and fields and fields of sugar cane.

There is an adorable  little town called Makawao in up country that we stopped at to do some site seeing.  We enjoyed a glass blowing presentation and walking through some art galleries as well.


Time for some lunch!  We hit the road and made our way to Mama’s Fish House…

Mama’s Fish House – EXPENSIVE but worth it!  The place is amazing –  a scene from an old Polynesian movie!  Read about it here!

After our wonderful lunch at Mama’s, we headed on the scenic tour of Maui’s road to Hana.  We only went as far as our friend’s kids could handle before getting car sick!  The vistas on the road to Hana are beautiful.  The Hawaiian islands are experiencing a bit of a drought this season so there were less waterfalls and the creeks were running low.  There are several places on the road to Hana that you can stop and hike.  A worthwhile drive no matter how far along the curvy, hairpin, rough road you go!




I really enjoy finding fabulous church buildings when traveling and Maui did not disappoint!  We saw these two churches in Paia on our way to  lunch and decided that we had to go back after the Hana  drive to get some close up shots! 

 Loved them both!!!  The one above is Makawao Union Church and it was built in 1916. The one below is the Holy Rosary Parish and was founded in 1915.




The one thing you can always count on in Maui is a picture perfect sunset to end your day and the sunset on the end of Day 3 was gorgeous!

Aloha for now…

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WFW – Genesis 2:2   8 comments

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Blue Monday – Maui Day 2   22 comments

Whale Watching in Maui…

If you are planning a trip to Hawaii, I would highly recommend the middle of February.  February is the peak whale watching month and boy were the whales active!  You could sit and watch them for hours – a highlight of our trip!

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Sunday – Glory, Glory Lord   1 comment


Glory, glory Lord
We give You glory, Lord
Glory, glory Lord
You are the Mighty God

You who go down to the sea,
You who live in the islands
If you live in the city,
 Lift your voices sing out!

Sing to the Lord a new song
Sing His praise to the ends of the earth
Let every nation tell it, declare it
Till everyone has heard

Lyrics by – Bob Fitts

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Maui – Day 1   3 comments

Across The Sea – by Ernest Kaai, Ray Kinney & John Noble

Listen to the song the birds are singing
Of the southern isles across the sea
Island gems within a coral setting
Islands of the sunny southern sea

Bright the sky above with golden sunshine
Flooding all the lands with warmth and light
See the palm trees swaying to the ocean
Whispering songs of love by day and night

Chorus I:
Across the sea an isle is calling me
Calling to the wanderer to return
Bidding me come back to fair Hawai`i
To these sunny isles across the sea

See the surf comes rolling ever onwards
Meets the land and melts in creamy foam
Breaks upon the shore and scatters quickly
Like a million pearls let loose to roam

Chorus II:
Across the sea those sunny isles are calling
In my dreams they seem to beckon me
Bidding me come back to dear Hawai`i
To those lovely isles across the sea

Watch the spray which melts in liquid sunshine
Tossed up from the bosom of the deep
High above in varied colors forming
Like the mermaids rising from their sleep

Chorus III:
Across the sea those sunny isles are calling
Calling to the wanderer to return
Bidding me come back to dear Hawai`i
To those lovely isles across the sea

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