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Pelican   1 comment


by John Ciardi
The Reason for the pelican
Is difficult to see;
His beak is clearly larger
Than there’s any need to be.

It’s not to bail a boat with —
He doesn’t own a boat
Yet everywhere he takes himself
He has that beak to tote.

It’s not to keep his wife in —
His wife has got one, too.
It’s not a scoop for eating soup.
It’s not an extra shoe.

It isn’t quite for anything.
And yet you realize
It’s really quite a splendid beak
In quite a splendid size.

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Blue Monday   18 comments

What a beautiful blue Sunday we had in the Northwest!

September 20

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Mosaic Monday   21 comments

Starred Photos10


Enjoying the last weekends of Summer!  For more Mosaic Monday posts, head on over to Mary’s!

Round Robin Photo Challenge – Chickens   10 comments


September 13

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Blue Monday   18 comments

Had a wonderful time having my niece and nephew over for dinner out on our deck on Saturday evening.  Here’s a peek at the table…

September 12


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Mosaic Monday   9 comments

Scenes from my backyard this weekend!



Visit Mary at Little Red House to see more mosaics!

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Outdoor Wednesday – Country Life   11 comments

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August 301

A couple of Saturdays ago, Hubby and I went to Camas, Washington for a BBQ.   We enjoyed a relaxing day out in the country atmosphere.   Always enjoy driving long stretches of highway with the hubby, soaking in the beautiful vistas  found in the state of Washington!

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