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An All American Tea Party!   16 comments

You Are Invited

In honor of 9/11, I would like to invite you today to my All American Tea Party!  This is a tea to remember, reflect and be thankful for America.  For those of you outside the USA, you are welcome as well. 


Thank you for stopping by today!

To see my Autumn Elegance Tea Party Click Autumn

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Princess Diana 1961-1997   5 comments

Today marks the 10th anniversary of the death of Princess Diana.  She is the only British royalty that I really appreciated and knew much about.  I too woke up in the wee hours of the morning to watch “The Wedding”.   Her story seemed so Cinderella-ish to me.  I was also shocked when I heard the story about the accident and waited to see if she would survive.  Such a sad ending.

While in France on one of our trips to Europe, we decided to do some evening site seeing. As we exited the Metro stop and saw this torch statue we both said, “What is that?”  We searched our tour books to see if anything was written about it.  As we walked closer,  we realized this was the pedestrian walkway over the street where the accident took place.  Here are some of the pictures we took.  The quality is not real great because I was still in the learning process of taking night pictures!! The last picture is a memorial they have at Harrod’s in London that we saw on the same trip.


So teach us to number our days, that we may present to You a heart of wisdom.

Psalm 90:12

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My Childhood Home   9 comments

Mary over at Owlhaven is hosting a blog carnival called My Childhood Home.  She is inviting people to write a post on their childhood home.  Head on over to her blog to check it out.  Here’s my post…


This is a current picture of the house I grew up in. My sister Ellen took this photo for me – Thank You!
The porch itself brings back all sorts of memories.  Here are the highlights:

  1. Playing hide and seek with the neighbors.  The door is where whoever was “it” had to count.

  2. Playing hopscotch on the sidewalk leading to the front door – oh the joy!

  3. Coming home from church and interrupting robbers coming out of our front door carrying off our stereo – that was scarey!  All of us ended up sleeping in the living room together because we were so spooked by the experience!

  4. Kissing boyfriends good night!

What I remember most about this house and my childhood there, was the amount of parties and get togethers we had with family and friends.  Our house was a popular house for church functions and the youth groups we were involved with loved to come and hang out at our house.
We have a large family and this house had plenty of room for 7 of us 8 kids that lived there. As my brothers and sisters got married, it was fun to see the growth of our family as the nieces and nephews started to come along.  My parents loved to entertain and the food and fellowship was always joyful.  We would sing hymns and praise songs in Russian and English.  Those are some pretty fond memories! 
I think my favorite memory at this house is walking past my mom and dad’s bedroom and seeing them on their knees praying. It was a great home to grow up in!

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Food, Fellowship, Finn & a Fun Fourth   10 comments

For the Fourth of July celebration, we went to my sister Ellen’s.  My sister knows how to throw a party and its always a relaxing and fun filled time!  We had friends and family joining us.  Here are some collages of the fabulous day!

First the patriotism displayed in decorations and in dress:


The food included Gazpacho, salads, baked beans and Herb Butter filled burgers 🙂 Yummy!

Desserts – pastries and various candies, black bottom cupcakes and the heavenly ice cream sandwich cake made by my niece Katie – Divine!


The day was filled with playing Chicken Foot – a very fun version of Mexican Train! Lots of strategy going on at that table! 


The fellowship on this gorgeous day!  The sky was a brilliant blue and the conversations were just as warm and inviting as the sunshine.


Everyone got some Finn time in!  Bridget and Beau’s son was the pride and joy of the day!  He is just so adorable.  You can see more of this handsome little gent over at Bridget’ Blog.


More fun, fellowship and games


And some random shots – Do you see Beau’s iPhone!  I want that iPhone!


Happy Birthday America!   4 comments


God Bless America:

The National Anthem: 

Josh Groban at a baseball game

Carrie Underwood at a Seahawks game –

The crowd roaring in this one is my favorite – typical Seahawks!

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Show & Tell Friday – Matroyshka Doll   21 comments

 For Show & Tell Friday this week I would like to share my favorite Matroyshka Doll (nesting doll) with you. 

I am first generation Russian.  My parents were born in Russia and escaped and fled to Persia finally making their way to America. My parents have always had a heart for their Russian family back in the Mother Land. My mom and dad decided to sell their home and become missionaries to Russia when they were in their seventies.  My sister Ellen did a fabulous post on their missionary experience.  If you would like to read it, click HERE

On each of their trips back to Russia, my mom and dad would bring us back goodies from Russia.  One year, they brought me back this beautiful Matroyshka doll for my birthday!  She is my favorite!


This is a 15 piece Matroyshka doll. The detail is amazing even on the littlest one. This picture shows how small the littlest one is:


I wrote a post on the history of the Matroyshka Doll.  If you would like to read it, click HERE 

Thanks for stopping by. If you want to see more show and tell items, take a walk on over to Kelli’s at

There’s No Place Like Home!

Happy Flag Day   5 comments

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