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Saturday Evening Fun – American Idol   5 comments

I saw this over at 2nd Cup of Coffee and cracked up!  This is one funny video, especially if you are watching American Idol this season!

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Happy Birthday America!   4 comments


God Bless America:

The National Anthem: 

Josh Groban at a baseball game

Carrie Underwood at a Seahawks game –

The crowd roaring in this one is my favorite – typical Seahawks!

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Better than American Idol   5 comments

Britain’s Got Talent – Paul Potts’ Journey 

 Love it!  Simon is actually a nice guy!

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IDOLeyes by Mandisa – A book review   3 comments

I just finished this book by American Idol’s Season 5 top 10 finalist, Mandisa (written with Angela Hunt). If you want to take a  behind the scenes look at an American Idol contestant’s experience from beginning to end, you won’t want to miss reading this book. 

Mandisa shares her story of participating in the Americal Idol reality television show.  She says, “I am NOT the American Idol.  I’m a plus-sized, thirty-year old black woman whose heart belongs to Jesus. I’m just Mandisa, and this is my story.”  And what a story she shares.

The first line of her book reads “Hello. I’m Mandisa, and I’m a foodaholic.” Mandisa shares honestly and beautifully her experiences and heartaches; her joys and what she describes as the Dark Night of her Soul.   Mandisa’s American Idol experience changed her life and she did a fabulous  job describing that experience in her book. I enjoyed reading Mandisa’s story and I gained a new respect for the contestants on that show and what they actually go through. 

Mandisa’s knowledge of the Word and her relationship with Christ are beautifully illustrated in her story as well as her on going struggle with food addiction. I was so impressed by her; she truly is a role model.  I highly recommend this book.  You will love it!  You will love her!  Go, read this book and be blessed.