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The Great Pumpkin is interested in the Word of God?

October 1761

It appears so!  That is actually a hot air balloon at the Orange County Great Park in Irvine, CA.  It just cracked me up that it looked like the Great Pumpkin was watching the lecture and wanted to see what was going on!

October 173

These pictures are from an event we went to a couple of weekends ago hosted by my father-in-law for the…

Unveiling The Scrolls

The Museum of Biblical & Sacred Writings is delighted to announce that we will be the first Museum in the US and Canada to have use of, through a special donation, facsimiles of six of the Dead Sea Scrolls. 

It was an amazing site to see!  A facsmile copy of the the entire book of Isaiah from the Dead Sea Scrolls.

October 174 

Here is another link about the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Unveiling of the facsimile copy:  The Dead Sea Scrolls

It was a proud day for my Father-In-Law – Dr. George Giacumakis!

October 175 

Here’s an article from the Orange County Register covering the event… Scroll Replica.   We are so looking forward to the opening of the Museum of Biblical and Sacred Writings and are so proud that our father-in-law gets to see his passion for the Word of God be realized through this endeavor! 


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  1. That’s very cool. Congratulations to George for his work in bringing this to pass.

  2. What a wonderful passon to bring to reality. Love your photos of the great pumpkin! laurie

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