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July 61


17 responses to “WFW-Thorns

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  1. Oh what a verse & photo combination!! And a great reminder…


  2. Such a wonderful verse, and photo.

  3. Wonderful! Blessings to you.

  4. This photo beautifully illustrates the meaning behind this verse. Thank you for sharing.

  5. What a great photo of thorns for this truth…

  6. beautiful WFW post. Very nice photo!

    Bogie’s Wonderland

  7. The photo first right for this very wonderful and reminding verse….great photo and verse, it indeed reminded me of the wants that people are mostly thinking of instead of sticking on getting the enough “needs”.

  8. The photo fits* right…

  9. Oh dem thorns…….have been reading those passages in Matt this week…..for some reason Matt is coming alive for me in a very new way……after reading it for more decades than is polite for a lady to write……
    But was thinking of thorns………and of the beauty of roses also……and the fact that life is thorns and roses thistles tares and wheat……and God uses them all…….but let us clear the ground as much as we can.

  10. Breathtaking!

    I pray often that the fears of life will not be a hindrance to the work God desires to do in my life and through my life. This was a vivid reminder!

  11. Wow, what a picture! Thank you for that today.

  12. that is a great picture for that verse! Have great WFW!


    Reflection on this verse to the hearers of HIS WORD who allow the message to be crowded out by our worries, or lure of wealth, and desires of other things…leaves us with no fruit! We all need to soak in this!

    How poignant! Should be convicting! Very sticky…may we not be hindered by the thorns but be pruned & have new growth from the Living Water! Thanks for such an inspirational verse & photo! Great WFW! Enjoy!(but always do here with yours)

  14. great verse — and perfect photo.

  15. that is such a great photo! A thoughtful verse also.
    Collette xxx

  16. point taken! lol
    happy WFW my friend!

  17. I am just now catching up on the Blog Hopping to see others posts. You have a great site and I love your pictures.

    I am hosting “5 Things Friday” on my blog at and I hope you will stop by and play along. I write to encourage MOMS in the fine art of Christian mothering. Such an awesome privilege, such a tough job! Blessings.

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