WFW-Source of Light   22 comments

June 18

22 responses to “WFW-Source of Light

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  1. Oh… this is so gorgeous. This verse and picture are perfection together. 🙂

  2. Beautiful verse and I love the image.

  3. what a great verse and I’m blessed.happy WFW!

  4. Fantastic WFW.

    I love the scripture and the picture is awesome.
    I found you through Karen’s blog and I so love your web site photo…that is adorable…I would have joined as a follower but I could not find a place to join and I would love for you to think about becoming a follower to my blog…..we are to be JESUS’S light to a dark world, which seems to be getting darker every day except for those who encourage and inspire.
    so pleased to meet you, friend
    hugs and blessings

  6. Oh how true! He HAS turned my darkness into light…how very true!

  7. He does turn our darkness into light!

  8. Wow, this is so great..the scripture and the image go with each other well… Gos indeed is our source of light……that is very very true…

  9. The words seem to jump from the monitor…it made me cry.

    Mariposa’s WFW

  10. How gorgeous! I love that verse – our God is AWEsome! Thanks you for sharing this!

  11. It is nice to read a nice and inspiring words. Thanks for sharing. Mine also is ready hope you will be inspired.

  12. Beautiful….I love the way you fill the whole screen with His Glory!

  13. Just beautiful ~ You are very creative.

  14. I love this!

  15. This is so special. You really do honor God with these photos.

  16. That is beautiful! Thx for sharing, HL

  17. great post!

  18. So nice.

  19. I love this Psalm and recognize that dock 🙂 Hope you’re doing well. Love you!

  20. Very nice. I love the picture of the robin. So sweet. Thanks for sharing your wonderful pictures.


  21. oh i love it! what a beautiful verse … i love how the candles glow !

  22. That is very special.
    I had some ideas for last week which got lost in the mists of memory then I missed out altogether
    I am getting slack… I am glad to be remotivated.

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