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These are some of the scenes I enjoyed this weekend!  For more mosaics, head on over to Little Red House!

Posted June 21, 2009 by Lana G! in Mosaic Monday, Outdoors, Photo, Photography

21 responses to “Mosaic Monday

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  1. Love the lights on the dock! The raindrops are great and that pink flower is gorgeous!!

  2. You had a beautiful week! I love that center shot, the light is gorgeous.

  3. beautiful!

  4. What a beautiful mosaic. I just love how you did this composition. I love each photograph.


  5. Oh what beautiful photos!!! Thanks so much for sharing this lovely mosaic at Mosaic Monday. 🙂

  6. Beautiful photos! I love the raindrops on the plants and the lighted dock! How peaceful! Happy MM…Debbie

  7. Wow, that’s a fun weekend getaway! Love the lights at the dock!

  8. Wow, stunningly refreshing and I love the composition of your mosaic! ~Arleen

  9. I can tell you had a beautiful weekend! What gorgeous scenes – I especially like the lighted dock photo 😉

  10. I feel a huge dose of oncoming envy! What beautiful pics!

  11. Wow! you’ve got great taste.Loved every shot!

  12. Those are absolutely gorgeous! You really captured each shot so beautifully. Thanks for sharing them. The layout you have made is fantastic.

  13. what a great mosaic!

  14. Such a special mosaic.

  15. I love the lights on the dock – it be lovely to sit out there and count falling stars!
    I like your layout Lana – what program did you use?

  16. gorgeous photography! :O)

  17. The raindrops and the lights along the dock are marvelous!

  18. Beautiful!!! Your photos are gorgeous!!! I love the dock with the lights…LOVELY!!!

    Happy MM!!!

  19. That pretty little mosaic took my breath away! Have a fantastic week!
    ~Really Rainey~

  20. Those photos are stunning. Absolutely gorgeous mosaic.

  21. gorgeous

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