Blue Monday – Patio Tablescape   19 comments

Blue Monday Instructions


Happy Blue Monday!  Come on out on the deck and let me serve you up some lunch…

May 17


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19 responses to “Blue Monday – Patio Tablescape

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  1. Oh so fun. I love those Bee napkin rings!! Sally is late tonight…

  2. Ooooh, what a fun picture! I especially love the monomgrammed linen and little bee napkin ring!

    Happy Blue Monday,

  3. Love the plate…napkin…and napkin ring… if it turns up missing…don’t look at me…hahaha… Happy Blue Monday ~ Susan

  4. Pretty, pretty! My oldest daughter would love those mongrammed napkins! And the napkin ring is darling!
    Great plates, too!

    Happy Blue Monday!

  5. How charming and pretty! Love the bees! Happy Blue Monday.


  6. Hi Lana, Now that is a happy picture!!

    Happy Blue Monday.


  7. Your table setting looks so sweet and ready for some lovely lunch. I would much rather sit outdoors at your home than mine today. I’m sure it’s cooler there!

  8. Those are the most adorable plates. Please share where you got them! Stop by my site for Blue Monday. If you see what you like, be sure to subscribe to my blog so that you can visit often. Just click “follow” on the right column.

  9. How wonderfully festive!

  10. I LOVE that bumblebee!!!

  11. This makes me want to lick the plate! Happy Blue Monday!

  12. Happy Blue Monday
    Wow this looks fabulous .
    Such a happy delightful tablescape for the great outdoor season.Just love it !!!!
    Your photos are fantastic today.
    Thank you for sharing .
    Blessings until we meet agin.

  13. This is just delightful…so very bright and pretty!

  14. Perfect touches of blue! Have a great day.

  15. I’ll “bee” right there!
    How cute!

    Love this post!!!

  16. What adorable napkin rings!!

  17. I just love your tablescape! The plates are the best!
    Happy Blue Monday!

  18. That napkin and the napkin ring are wonderful! Such an inviting place setting. laurie

  19. What a beautiful plate and I love the napkin and the holder….Christine

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