Sunday Hymn – Rise in the Strength of God   6 comments



Rise in the Strength of God

Rise in the strength of God,
And face life’s uphill way,
The steps which other feet have trod
You tread today.

Press onward, upward still,
To win your way at last,
With better hope and stronger will
Than in the past.

Life’s work more nobly wrought,
Life’s race more bravely run,
Life’s daily conflict faced and fought,
Life’s duty done.

Words:  Ada Rundall Greenaway


Posted February 22, 2009 by Lana G! in Hymns, Lyrics, Music, Praise, Sunday, Worship

6 responses to “Sunday Hymn – Rise in the Strength of God

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  1. Good encouragement for life :0)

  2. The Lord’s strenght is perfect!

  3. I have never heard this humn….great words. AND BEE-U-TEEFUL picture!

  4. This is the school hymn for St Mary’s Anglican Girls school i n Western Australia – when I was at this school (admittedly over 50 years ago) I am sure that there was another verse which contained the lines ‘Sufficient is his arm alone And our defence is sure’.

  5. Meave, I don’t think there is another verse -it was also our School hymn at Dagenham County High. The line you quote is from “O God our help in ages past.

  6. I am hoping to have this included at the funeral service of Canon Eric James an Old Dagonian [Dagenham County High School] at Southwark Cathedral on 18 May 2012. If not it will be there in spirit!

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