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Posted February 17, 2009 by Lana G! in Bible, Bible Verse Photos, Wordfilled Wednesdays

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22 responses to “WFW-Stop Worrying

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  1. No we can’t. Now if we could only get that truth to stick :0) Love the photo!!

  2. Wonderful photo! I love the colors and the verse together!

  3. thanks for the reminder!

  4. We often look to the Heavens when we think of the Lord’s power. Is it any surprise that the scripture say that we are without excuse because we can learn of Him in His creation? Wonderful verse for 2009!

    Jennifer B

  5. Wonderful WFW.

  6. I love this. It’s such a good reminder. I am not a worrying person by nature but it do let worry control me every once in while. When that happens this is one of the scritures I turn to.

  7. Great message!

  8. I love the verse! It is such a wonderful reminder. I try to not let worry take over…but as many it is easier said than done. Thank you for this!!

  9. Thanks for this reminder to me the worrier! Beautiful photo.
    Many Blessings,

  10. I am beginning to think I am subtracting hours by all the worrying I have done lately. No matter how many times I read this post I can’t seem to make it stick. Maybe that is why God keeps reminding me?


  11. I know we can’t. Beautiful photo and reminder!…Christine

  12. Amen! We need to turn all our worries over to Him…Beautiful! Thanks for sharing. Happy WFW!

  13. No, not a single second! And you would think we’d learn??

    Great verse and picture.


  14. No! But I struggle. “Hold every thought captive”.

  15. Your postings always speak to me. Thank you. laurie

  16. Beautiful picture and scripture!

  17. This is a word for me today! I was just thinking this morning that I am going to bust out the concordance and write out every verse that has to do with worry. I was never much of a worrier but in the last few months all I do is worry.

  18. We need to hear that verse over and over, at least I do. Lovely photo to go with the verse!


  19. love the picture….thanks for our visit today

  20. oh love this shot! it’s great! and fantastic verse.. no we can’t..

  21. I thought I made a comment on this one….as the same thought came again today.
    There was an old song that said,
    “Why worry when you can pray..
    thankful for google.

    Why worry, when you can pray?
    Trust Jesus, He’ll be your stay.
    Don’t be a doubting Thomas,
    Rest fully on His promise,
    Why worry, worry, worry, worry when you can pray?”

    By John W. Peterson

  22. Oh, I always need this verse. Every hour of every day. Thank you, and the beautiful graphic makes me want to read it over and over…

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