Metamorphosis Monday-French Doors   20 comments

Metamorphosis Monday

Back in 2005 Hubby and I decided that we needed more light in our dining room as well as a direct doorway out to our deck.  So, in order to accomplish that, we decided to put in French Doors.




My “Dear” brother-in-law is quite the handyman and he did this project for us!  He is married to Ellen B (The Happy Wonderer) .



 That’s Ellen B in the red coat checking out the boys’  work!  Her son Dan and my hubby helped as well.

I was so excited to have the french doors!  The amount of light that now comes through and the direct route to the deck is fabulous!



I have not painted one wall in my house since we moved in 8 years ago!  I believe 2009 is going to be the year I finally paint!  Here’s what the room looks like now before I figure out a new color scheme!



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20 responses to “Metamorphosis Monday-French Doors

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  1. Oh fun! This was such a fabulous idea and transformation. Looks like I stopped by on my way home from my Saturday morning walk with the girls. That’s my walking gear I have on. :0)

  2. Wow, the french doors really brightened up your room! It looks so pretty! How nice it must be to have such talented relatives!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  3. Oh Lana!Love the french doors! Lucky you to have a handy man in the family (and Ellen too…she is a sweetie!)


  4. How wonderful to have menfolk who can do this kind of work! I’m afraid the only tools my husband can use without hurting himself are a corkscrew, a ball point pen, and a toothbrush. That renovation transforms the space. Beautiful! Cass

  5. What a difference the French door brought! I like how it is so bright and airy now. Beautiful!…Christine

  6. Lana, you have brought the lovely outdoors in. The french door was perfect and how nice to have such talented helpers. Lovely transformation. Thanks for sharing, Maryrose

  7. I have admired the light in your dining room whenever you posted your tablescapes. I never knew it wasn’t always this way. How special to have had Greg work on it. I look forward to seeing your paint choices.

  8. I love French doors – great transformation!
    Victoria (one half of DesignTies)

  9. It’s always nice to have family with the skills to do this! The change is remarkable! Enjoy your French doors!

  10. You were very fortunate to have someone close to offer their expertise.
    We had French doors put in our dining room before my son’s (summer) wedding. It was wonderful! The sunlight,summer breeze, the whole outdoors-in experience is now what I anticipate as spring and summer head our way. Enjoy your dinning alfresco!

    Sweet Wishes,

  11. Awesome!! It’s always nice to have more windows to let the sun come in 🙂 Looks like you have a nice view through your new french doors too 🙂


    Kelly (one half of DesignTies)

  12. I have always loved the style of the french door an it definitely adds to your room. Great job brother-in-law and company. It looks really great. Have fun with the painting. Steve -French Cupboard

  13. Beautiful! I love all the light. And yes, paint, paint, paint! I love paint!

  14. Wow, the change is so dramatic! I love french doors, and how blessed you are to have such handy relatives. Beautiful job.

  15. If ever there was a must for french doors, it is this! What a huge difference! I love, love, love french doors :0)

  16. French doors just add so much to a room. I love those dining chairs! laurie

  17. Lana, What a chic new makeover! You really invested some time and money into this. It looks totally FAB! ~CC Catherine 😉 (Thanks for the sweet comments you left me recently!)

  18. They did a great job. Love french doors, it makes alot of difference. So what color you thinking for in here?
    Linda Q

  19. Those are lovely – what a difference to your dining room. Now you have your before (you paint)pictures for another Metamorphosis Monday 🙂

  20. oh what a pretty space, love the windows!!!!
    thanks for sharing

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