Tablescape Thursday-Valentine’s Table   36 comments

Tablescape Thursday


This week I would like to share my Valentine’s Day table with you. 


I love heart shaped dishes and since I couldn’t decide which ones to use I ended up using one of each of the sets I have…


Three out of the four sets are from Fred Meyer and the one in the lower left hand corner is from Sur La Table.  I think setting the Valentine’s table is second only to setting my Christmas table.  I love how the red makes everything seem so vibrant!



Hope you all have a wonderful week leading up to Valentine’s Day!  Enjoy a special meal with your loved ones!  For more Tablescape Thursday posts, visit Susan by clicking on the Tablescape Thursday button above!

36 responses to “Tablescape Thursday-Valentine’s Table

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  1. Beautiful table! I love to mix and match plates…


  2. I love all your heart shaped plates! I think our good ole Fred Meyer does better than T.J.Maxx with the whole heart shape deal. The boa is a great touch and the red splash on the chairs is very nice…

  3. Lana! Love this Valentine Theme Tablescape! All the dishware, decorative items, candies, etc…look great! VERY NICE! 😉 ~CC Catherine (Thanks for stopping in to say hello!)

  4. I love the use of the different dishes…your candles are almost like the ones I posted today…darling table…

  5. Your plates are so cute. Everything looks great for V-day.

  6. Perfectly lovely!! What a wonderful display for Valentines day;) French

  7. Oh, you’re fantastic at setting a gorgeous table! I love your little heart dishes!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  8. Such a pretty table. I love all of your hearts, and I love that you used all of the different ones. The pink striped plates are so pretty too. laurie

  9. Another wonderful red tablescape. Bravo!

  10. Oh how I wish I had some heart dishes like those! And you used them so beautifully. Everything is gorgeous!

  11. I loved the mixed patterns. It looks like each guest got their own personal valentine.

  12. Crisp, fresh, and lovely. Cute heart-shapes plates. Love it!
    Enjoy TT, Candy

  13. Love how the dishes make each setting unique. Isn’t red and white fun to do?

  14. It’s beautiful! I love your heart plates and the entire table is just perfect for Valentine’s Day! Great job!

  15. Oh what great fun! Your feathers and mix ‘n match heart plates add wonderful whimsy to this special table! I love it! You’ve done well! I love the way you laid the placemats over the back of the chairs for color and texture. What a great idea!!
    Alisa – Carolina Panache

  16. Oooh….I love the heart dishes! Beautiful tablescape.

  17. ADORABLE table… GREAT Valentines plate collection!
    ENJOY your day!

  18. wow! Valentine with drama. This will surely convince a date to go to second base. Thank you for putting a smile on my face this morning. Love it love it.

  19. So gorgeous!!

    I love the heart-shaped dishes and lovely red and white colours.

    Especially the way they set the chocolates off 🙂

  20. Fun table with the feathers. Your chargers are pretty too with the little stripes.
    Love is in the setting, chocolates too!

  21. I just love the heart plates. Such a pretty Valentine tablescape

  22. Love your table especially the different heart shape plates. I need to get me some. Thanks for sharing.

  23. Those heart shaped dishes are the cutest thing! What a pretty table for Valentine’s day. Peggy from PA

  24. AWESOME!!! I love how you mixed up the heart plates…great idea!

  25. Beautiful! I love all your heart shaped dishes, love the mix too. And the use of feathers is a very neat idea!…Christine

  26. I love teh mismatched heart plates! It’s wayy more interesting like that.

  27. YAYA! So festive! Beautiful!

  28. What a pretty table, love the heart plates…How creative!

  29. Beautiful table — working on my Valentine’s table.

  30. BEAUTIFUL. I love all your dishes and your mosiac is wonderful 🙂 Kathy.

  31. What a great tablescape! You have so many neat heart things!
    Love the heart plates, great idea to use different ones!

    I have a Valentine centerpiece featured today, if you would
    like to come see!


  32. Wow ! I love your Valentine table. That is truly elegant, I think.

    This is from someone who uses paper plates a lot, as we are on a lake.

    You did a great job arranging.

  33. Lana, Oh…I’m in love with your heart-shaped plates! Love the red glasses, too! This is a delightful table…but then I’ve come to expect that from you! 🙂 Susan

  34. I’m just amazed at the things y’all find to do things up so fancy and pretty. I have so much fun looking at the different transformations people make in their homes and the tablescapes and all. Thanks for taking the time to share.

  35. You have inspired me to use some mix and match. Thanks for the idea. Isn’t that what this blogging is all about? Inspiration!

  36. I found your Valentine’s tablescape doing a search on Google. The white feathers and mix-n-match plates caught my attention. Hope you don’t mind that I featured it on my blog… with links back to yours, of course. 😉
    Have a great Friday!

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