Friday’s Fave Five   15 comments

Happy Friday everyone!  Here are my favorite five for this week…



1.  Going to Disneyland on Tuesday evening and seeing it all decorated for Christmas.

2.  Decorating my table for the holidays.

3.  Beautiful sunrises out my office window. 

4.  My acorn candle.

5.  Coming home from the airport in a stretch limo because the shuttle service messed up my reservation! 🙂

For more Friday’s Fave Five, head on over to Susanne’s!

15 responses to “Friday’s Fave Five

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  1. You must be at work awful early to catch those beautiful sunrises out your offic window. Makes it worth it though. They are gorgeous.

    Yeah, for the limo instead of a shuttle. Now that’s the kind of mistake I can handle!

  2. I linked over from Susanne’s, Lana.

    Your list is fantastic, and those photos are breathtaking.

  3. The castle is beautiful.

  4. Disneyland and that stretch limo look so dreamy! Love the little acorn candle :0)

  5. Beautiful photos, love that table setting!

  6. Oh, Lana. I’m loving that table setting! So elegant and Christmasy.

  7. I love Disneyland at Christmas time. You must live in LA, first time I have come across your blog, but I found you at Susanne’s.

  8. Beautiful pictures, I love how you put them all together! Disney at Christmas, how fun!

  9. I’m love your dining table setting. I’m looking forward to finishing the refurbishing on my antique dining table in time to show case my china as part of our Christmas celebrations.

    Thanks for sharing your faves! Your pictures are beautiful.

  10. a limo!?!?! i love those kinds of mess-ups!!! Oh, goodness, my high school choir sung in Epcot back in 1995 and ’96 so we got free park-hopped passesand WOW. Disney at Christmas is unbeatable, I miss it!!

    I took part today for the first time–what fun!!

  11. I love looking at your pictures they are beautiful!
    Thanks for sharing your list!

  12. Those pictures are just beautiful!!

  13. Your job, though you do have to travel has it’s perks, like those sunrises. Were you alone in the stretch limo?

  14. Those are some nice fave fives!!

  15. Fun Fave Five this week. I’m finally getting around on MONDAY to visit people! Love the limo and the castle. Do you live in fairy land?

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