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The Witness of Nature to God ~ Psalm 19

1. The heavens in their splendor declare
The might and the glory of God;
For day unto day speaks His praise,
And night tells His wisdom abroad.

2. They speak not with audible word,
Yet clear is the message they send;
Their witness goes out through the earth,
Their word to the world’s farthest end.

3. Forsaking his tent in the sky,
Arrayed as a bridegroom, the sun
Comes forth in his glorious strength,
Rejoicing his circuit to run.

4. He tells through the length of the heavens
His Maker’s great wisdom and might,
And nothing in all of the earth
Is hid from his heat and his light.

Posted November 16, 2008 by Lana G! in Hymns, Photo, Photography, Psalm, Sunday, Sunrise, Worship

4 responses to “Sunday Psalter

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  1. Great Psalm. I’m guessing this is a combo of scenes from the south and the north. Beautiful

  2. Nicely done. For me, it is a meditative time collecting the photos for my Sunday’s Psalm posts.

  3. I love the little mushroom picture. They are such wonderful surprises around here when suddenly mushrooms pop up in yards.

  4. Beautiful, and the photos show the glory all around.

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