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Janna over at Bread Crumbs posted this 4 minute video by John Piper.  Good stuff people – GOOD STUFF! 



Click and listen!

Posted November 5, 2008 by Lana G! in America, God, Jesus, Life

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3 responses to “Election Perspective Link – AMEN!

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  1. AMEN. No matter what our days hold we MUST see God in those days and look at the eternal perspective. He allows all things, so we must be faithful to ask Him how to pray for an awakening in this country through whatever comes each day. The political stuff is one little part of how He can work through circumstances to open eyes to people who need to know they need Him. As Piper said, let’s pray that the gospel triumphs even if we don’t like the path He takes us down to cause that to happen.

  2. As I told my 7-year old this morning ( who by the way is extremely stressed out over all of this) our God is the King of Kings and His hand is over all. All we can do is pray. Pray for our President, our President elect, our country, our world. God is in control, not our President.

  3. An excellent video – no matter what country we live in.

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