Psalter – Importunate Prayer   5 comments

Importunate Prayer

O Lord, my earnest cry
Thy listening ear has heard;
With Thy salvation answer me,
And I will keep Thy word.

At early dawn I prayed,
Thy promises my trust;
At night I thought upon Thy word,
Most holy and most just.

O hear me in Thy grace,
In mercy quicken me;
The wicked plan to do me harm,
But they are far from thee.

Thou, Lord, art near to me,
And true are Thy commands;
Of old Thy testimonies show
Thy truth eternal stands.

Posted October 26, 2008 by Lana G! in Photo, Photography, Praise, Prayer, Psalm, Sunday, Sunrise, Worship

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5 responses to “Psalter – Importunate Prayer

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  1. Beautiful. thank you.

  2. Makes me think. Thank you.

  3. Trust and Obey…
    Beautiful Sunrise with the pink…

  4. At early dawn I prayed, thy promises my trust.
    Thank you for the beautiful photo and psalter.

  5. thank you

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