Blue Monday – Blue Moon   14 comments

This was a wonderful sight to see Saturday morning! The moon out in the morning in a blue sky in the Northwest in October!  Love it!

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Posted October 20, 2008 by Lana G! in Blue Monday, Photo, Photography

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14 responses to “Blue Monday – Blue Moon

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  1. Oh ! Beautiful pic Lana . You need to put this on sky watch ! Thank you for stopping by today.

  2. Gorgeous photo, Lana!

  3. You’ve got me humming the song now. Blue Moon…

    Thank you for sharing. Happy Blue Monday!

  4. Wonderful photo! Happy Blue Monday!

  5. Nothing can beat clear days in October in Seattle :0)

  6. Hi Lana
    That is a gorgeous moon you were able to capture. Your camera must be very good. The sky is so peacefully beautiful.
    Thank you for sharing Blue Monday.
    Have a great day.
    Come by and visit. I’m having an almost 200th post giveaway…read about it on last Friday’s post.

  7. The moon against the blue sky is awesome! Happy Blue Monday.

  8. Hi Lana, what a beautiful site…I love how you captured this shot..thanks for sharing it with us..

  9. Beautiful photo. The blue sky is amazing, and the moon peeking out from behind the tree is such a bonus. Happy Blue Monday.

  10. Great shot! I love to see the moon out in a blue sky. It makes me feel kind of silly somehow to see the moon out in the day time.

  11. What a beautiful photo!

  12. Great photo Lana.. Mother nature at her finest.

    Happy Blue Monday!!

  13. That is such a beautiful picture! It really captured the moon. Happy Blue Monday!

  14. The moon always looks lonely to me but in your photo it has a friendly tree branch to keep it company. Nice photo. (by the way, my name is also Lana) Hi.

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