Friday Fave Five   6 comments

I am late posting my Fave Five this week!  So here we go, short and sweet!

  1. Going to Goodwill with my sister Ellen B and getting that lovely tea pot!
  2. Eating at Burger Master with Ellen B after our Goodwill trip!  We have always wanted to try this place where you “dine” in your car!  Fun!
  3. Going to the winery and seeing these beautiful grapes growing.
  4. Purchasing a cabbage plant for the deck!
  5. Trying on my niece’s pirate wig!  It was wierd seeing myself with long black hair!

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Posted October 3, 2008 by Lana G! in Fave Five Friday, Fun, Photo, Photography

6 responses to “Friday Fave Five

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  1. Ah, memories!

  2. What a great mixture of favorite things! Love all the pictures you put with them too.

  3. I didn’t know they had dine in your car drive ins anymore. That used to be a treat when I was little, getting to go to A&@ and eating in the car.

    Love the pic of you in long blank hair! Fun to try something different. And now I’m craving grapes and burgers. Gotta figure out what to make for supper! :v)

  4. I wish I could go to a Goodwill with you two sometime – you always get great treasures!

  5. Your week in photos is fun to see. Looks like it was a sweet one.

  6. Fun times in Seattle! Do Seattlites just have more fun??

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