Hymn for Sunday – Joyful Worship   3 comments

Joyful Worship – The Psalter

It is good to sing Thy praises
And to thank Thee, O Most High,
Showing forth Thy lovingkindness
When the morning lights the sky.
It is good when night is falling
Of Thy faithfulness to tell,
While with sweet, melodious praises
Songs of adoration swell.

Thou hast filled my heart with gladness
Through the works Thy hands have wrought;
Thou hast made my life victorious,
Great Thy works and deep Thy thought.
Thou, O Lord, on high exalted,
Reignest evermore in might;
All Thy enemies shall perish,
Sin be banished from Thy sight.

But the good shall live before Thee,
Planted in Thy dwelling-place,
Fruitful trees and ever verdant,
Nourished by Thy boundless grace.
In His goodness to the righteous
God His righteousness displays;
God my rock, my strength and refuge,
Just and true are all His ways.

Posted September 28, 2008 by Lana G! in Hymns, Sunday, Worship

3 responses to “Hymn for Sunday – Joyful Worship

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  1. I don’t think I know this hymn; the words (“God my rock, my strength and refuge/Just and true are all His ways”) are lovely.

  2. It is good indeed to sing his praises! Fun Fall shots..I still need to upload!

  3. Beautiful…just beautiful. 😉 Bo

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