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Posted September 18, 2008 by Lana G! in London, Photo, Photography, Sky Watch Friday!, Travel

62 responses to “Sky Watch

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  1. A great photo and a wonderful subject.

  2. Oh you know I LOVE this one. What fabulous clouds above that fabulous Bridge in that great town!! Ha! I’m #4 just a couple behind ya!

  3. This is so beautiful! Gorgeous clouds and bridge.

  4. very dramatic clouds!!!

    nice composition.

  5. Wonderful! Love this type of sky!

  6. beautiful. I wish to go to London someday…

    Please drop at my SWF post also: in HERE. Thanks

  7. this is cool! love it!

  8. Nothing but BEAUTIFUL. Great shot 🙂

  9. Fantastic composition not only highlighted by the wonderful cloudscape but also the historic bridge.

    Please take a peek at mine:

  10. This is a spectacular shot of one of the most famous bridges in the world!
    Absolutely awesome

  11. OH WOW… this is amazing… I love the backdrop of the sky to this magnificent bridge!

  12. Lana: Wow, what a great view of the famous bridge on a great Sky day.

  13. ah, great! I was there in spring, a beautiful place!

  14. Takes on eback to the best of London. Lovely strong photo. Very striking.

  15. Hi Lana…
    A perfect posting for Sky Watch…

    Mine’s Here

  16. Boy….this is beautiful

  17. I wish I’m there! Beautiful shot!~Drop by in my SKY ENTRY if you haven’t yet! Happy SWF!~

  18. You and Ellen B. always have the most amazing pictures! I think I could sit here all day and just stare at the bridge.

  19. Excellent photography! The sky compliments the bridge well! WOW!

    Happy Skywatching!

  20. Wonderful photo of a great subject

  21. Fantastic photo!!!

  22. What an awesome view. Love the bridge and the clouds. Thanks for a trip to London via your blog!

  23. The bridge just makes this photo I think. The clouds lined up over it but as a respectful distance. It is a striking image.

    I reintroduced Better Blog Writing today but have not been able to do much on it as I pulled a hamstring muscle.

  24. I like London and this sky is very beautiful.

  25. WOW! Now, I have to go to London. That is gorgeous. Great capture… like a postcard.

  26. Oh, I MISS London! Beautiful Skywatch photo!!!

  27. This is a superb photo of Tower Bridge.I recently completed a jigsaw of this bridge.

  28. Stunning- what a great capture! Happy Skywatch!

  29. beautiful picture!!

  30. Just a fantastic photo.

  31. Lovely capture!

  32. Gorgeous – it wasn’t too long ago I was sailing under that bridge 🙂

  33. Wow! What a beautiful photo! The towers alone would be beautiful anyway, but you chose a wonderful angle… WONDERFUL. And the sky was your friend, and you knew how to make the most of it. Well done!

  34. That Bridge is so very beautiful,and so is yout picture of it.Love it!

  35. WOW doesn’t get better than this!!

  36. the clouds have some depth. a very beautiful photo!

    Happy weekend!

  37. big fat fluffy clouds!

  38. Beautiful picture.

  39. The song “London Bridge” should never be sung near it.
    It’s too beautiful 🙂

  40. What a beautiful photo. I love the quality of the light that sort of picks up on the blue in the bridge. Wonderful angle.

  41. Looks just like a postcard! Well done.

  42. What a great photo of a very famous landmark. That sky is incredible.

  43. Looks like a very nice day.. love your shot.

  44. Is this the famous London Bridge? Very photogenic!

  45. Wow! That is a stunning photograph.

  46. A fabulous picture, well known, and great to see in a different mood.

  47. Fantastic long shot. Really impressive.

  48. Nice Photo!

  49. wow i like your shot it looks like a royal place.

  50. Beautiful picture!

  51. I recalled my evening walk on that bridge a few years back.
    Lovely shot. The sky is fabulous!

  52. I love it. There is something so…I don’t know…amazing is all that comes to mind, of huge, intricate structures of stone.

  53. My old hometown, gorgeous

  54. Beautiful Sky!!!

  55. Great picture. Looking for SWF-photos I had this one in my mind also, took the same picture when I visited London last year (who didn’t? 🙂

  56. Beautiful shot of the tower bridge. I took a picture of the bridge a year ago on my trip to the British Isles. I like your angle of the bridge. I will learn from you. thanks for sharing.

  57. Breath taking photo of the sky. Love the bridge to.

  58. gorgeous shot!! I’ve love to visit that city again

  59. WOW! I could sit and look at this all day, beautiful picture!

  60. That’s a wonderful shot!
    Such drama in the light from behind clouds.

  61. What a fabulous photo! That bridge looks awesome and the sky is breathtaking! Happy SWF! 🙂

  62. Great shot. Beautiful taken and colors.
    Beautiful historic place.

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