Blue Monday – Yard Shoes   13 comments

Blue Monday

 Check out my working in the yard shoes!  Oh look – and my gloves!  True Blue!

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Posted September 15, 2008 by Lana G! in Photo

13 responses to “Blue Monday – Yard Shoes

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  1. hee, hee, hee! Love the blue yard shoes. The rocks even look blue! Did you go back to the preserve??

  2. The shoes, the mat, the rocks, the gloves–you’re loaded with blue! Happy Blue Monday!

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  3. I have to get a pair of those.

  4. Love your bluuuuuee comfy looking shoes. Those rocks look blue too…great colour!
    Thank you for sharing.
    Have a lovely day.

  5. Cute shoes! You would have to be in a good mood with those on. Happy Blue Monday!

  6. Lovely shades of blue – and while you’re all decked out in your gardening gear, why don’t you just c’mon over and work in my flower beds for a little while. They sure need some attention

  7. Oooh.. I love the blue!

  8. Such a vivid, pretty shade of blue!

  9. Your yard shoes are so cute. You would have to have fun working in shoes that happy. Take care.

  10. Love the yard shoes. I suppose I would actually have to work in the yard to get a pair of yard shoes. LOL!

    Happy Blue Monday.

    take care,

  11. Those shoes are such a nice shade of blue.

  12. You could bring those shoes over to my yard, there is plenty to do! lol

  13. What a fun blue collage! It loos so stunning!

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