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Two weeks ago while I was in my kitchen getting some things ready for my Chicago trip, I heard a strange sound in the ceiling.  It was a crinkling sound and I couldn’ quite figure out what to make of it.  I told my husband that I thought there was a little creature up there.

This last week on Tuesday morning, my husband called me and said, “remember that sound you heard in the kitchen – I don’t think it’s a creature, I think it might be water leak.  The ceiling is starting to discolor and there is a soft spot!”  Here is said ceiling with the discoloration and soft spot marked with the pencil mark…

I flew home on Friday this week and hubby and I were considering whether to cut through the ceiling to discover the source of the “water leak”  over dinner on Friday night.

This morning as we were inspecting the ceiling and considering who to call to take care of our “leak”, I looked outside and said – “Steve, what are all those bees doing hovering around the window?”  I walked out back and sure enough – the bees were going into the space above ceiling from the outside of the house!  OH MY! Not a water leak!

 I called the exterminator and told them about the soft spot on the ceiling and that there was a crinkling noise in the ceiling like a little creature and that we could see the bees getting into the space above the ceiling from the outside of the house.  They said “DO NOT TOUCH THE SOFT SPOT! We will send someone out as soon as we can.  The soft spot is caused by the bees nesting in your drywall above the ceiling. If that soft spot opens…” 

My response:  UH! “HOW QUICKLY CAN YOU GET HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND HURRY!”

The exterminator arrived – Chris – bless his heart!  I took him on a tour of the bee situation.  I first had him look at the ceiling and he said,

“OH MY! This soft spot is caused by the humidity and the honey from the bee hive!  It could be a pretty good sized one too!”  I then showed him the outside view and he said, “I am a little concerned about the soft spot.  We usually treat bees with a liquid solution and that could cause further damage or a break through. Don’t worry though, we will take care of this for you.”

My response: I hope so! Mind if I take some pictures? 🙂

So here you go folks, Chris at work…

The crinkling sound is no more.  We are left to deal with cleaning the windows from the spray and fog; calking the opening that the bees found; and fixing the discolored ceiling!

Chris is dealing with a couple of bee stings on his hand and going to the next bee situation!  Ours was his third for the day!  I sent him off with some ice for his bee sting and told him to get some new gloves!

Today’s word of wisdom to all of you out in bloggyland – make sure it really is a leak and not a bee hive in your ceiling before you go cutting a hole in your ceiling!  You could be in for a big surprise.  Our bee hive was bigger than a softball!  OH MY!

And how was your Saturday?

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  1. Up at 4:00 am to send off Katie and Ben. Zombieville till just about now… HEe hee. Tim and Letty arrived at 10:30. We went to JJ Brewsky’s for lunch and then did a little antique shopping. Came home to have some master prepared refreshments and my slow cookere mango salsa chicken with tortillas, beans, rice, cilantro, onions, cheese and jalapenos. And during all that sat on pins and needles to hear how the bee situation was progressing…
    But the really crazy thing that happened that will never trump the bees hive in your ceiling is the fact that Dianne Ladd called me at my condo. You know the Dianne Ladd that has been nominated for 3 oscars. How crazy is that…

  2. Oh how scary to think they might have progressed through your ceiling while you were away! We had a very similar situation with a wasp nest in the kitchen ceiling, soft spot and all. They sprayed the creatures from the outside to kill them but had to cut a hole in the ceiling to get the nest out. Yipes. I thought we lived in the city.

  3. What a horrible! We’ve had little critters get in and not get out — can you say “terrible order”! Now I’m wondering if the bee thing could happen in our ceiling….!

  4. At least in Seattle the exterminator will deal with it. When we called (years ago) we had to find a bee keeper to move the hive. Just as a note, you can only move a hive after dark, all the little worker bees need to have come home. Glad it all worked out. And Ellen, why is Dianne calling?

  5. Oh my word! I would have been freaking right out! So glad you guys didn’t go poking around on the soft spot!

  6. Wow. Your own personal rendition of the Verminators! Ouch. Very glad that you re-considered the whole cutting through the ceiling thing.

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  8. I heard the same noise in my ceiling the other night and I thought it was raining outside (it actually was). I checked roof yesterday and saw some tiny bees flying in and out. Though no soft spot yet, but the noise is getting louder. Terminix is coming on Friday and I hope it wasn’t as terrible as I thought. (at least I hope I don’t have to fill the dry wall =(

    thanks for sharing the photos.

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