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On my way to the grocery store, I decided to do some exploring (this is becoming a habit).  I made a stop at the Saint Edward State Park in Kenmore, WA. MY OH MY what a park!

This park is a place of history.  In the late 1920s, Bishop O’Dea of the Seattle Catholic Diocese purchased the property with his own inheritance and donated it to the diocese for use as a seminary.  The seminary was built in 1931 and was named for Edward the Confessor, founder of Westminster Abbey and king of the West Saxons of England in the 11th Century.

For many years the seminary was operated as a boy’s school and seminary.  Then in the fall of 1977, the Seattle Diocese sold the 316 acres, including the seminary buildings, to the state of Washington for use as a park.  In June of 1978, the grounds of Saint Edward State Park were opened to the public.


 Saint Edward Park is the largest remaining undeveloped area on Lake Washington.  It is an absolutely gorgeous place with sprawling lawns and lush, forested trails.  The trails range from easiest to most difficult.  The difficult trails can get narrow and steep, but the views are amazing!  If you find yourself in Kenmore, WA, I highly recommend a long visit to Saint Edward State Park – You’ll be glad you did!

Here are some other creatures and plant life I discovered while exploring…


3 responses to “Saint Edward State Park

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  1. Look how gorgeous this place is. Ok the dog in the center of the second collage is great!! Oh the hours we spent at this park behind the seminary at Josh and Dan’s baseball games. I should have been walking the trails. Remind me to tell you about the famous diaper incident there…

  2. Okay, I don’t know what your real job is, but I’m rooting for you to start a guidebook business of places you’ve been. Gorgeous pictures.

  3. From a drought time in Australia, that green almost brings tears to the eyes.
    Never take it for granted.
    Love the dog. Reminds me of dogs in our huge dam when I was a child living on the land.
    Lovely photos…..

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