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Sky Watch

My usual 6:30am flight was cancelled on Monday so I had to take the 8:30 flight.  Boy the view of Mt. Ranier from 11,000 feet is sure beautiful at that time in the morning! 

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Posted May 15, 2008 by Lana G! in Photo, Photography, Sky Watch Friday!, Travel

47 responses to “Sky Watch Friday

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  1. Awesome

  2. Ha! Is this you leaning over the man next to the window? Beautiful shot. It was worth the stretch 🙂

  3. Oh yes … see, had they not canceled your early flight and we wouldn´t be seeing this great one!

  4. Great!

  5. Just fantastic shot.

    my double reflection is now up please feel free to visit-thanks.

  6. Wow. It looks like I am up there instead of you being up there and me looking at your photo. Nice work.

  7. beautiful picture of the sky taken from the plane very beautiful

  8. Lana: I remember seeing it from the base and it is certainly beautiful from the air.

  9. Pretty pictures, congratulations. The sky is a show as the entire landscape is also expectacular

  10. It sure is… I’m sure you know by now that I don’t fly.. so I am always happy to see these kinds of shots.. Have a great Sky Watch.

  11. How gorgeous is that!
    Wonderful photo.

  12. Wow, wow, wow! That is gorgeous.

  13. Fantastic shot.

  14. very beautiful, excellent.

  15. it is really excellent and very beautiful…

  16. Awesome view!!

  17. I’ve also seen Mt. Rainier from the base. This is a spectacular view!

  18. Wow – that shot is the best this week – no contest. Beautiful!

  19. with a similarity photos of my capture… nice shot girl…

    check out mine here:

  20. Fantastic view!

  21. Awesome picture! I love it!

  22. nice one for SWF! When you realize how perfect everything you will tilt your head back and laugh at the sky…. Have a great weekend! mine’s up too hope you can drop by.

  23. Wow! This is a fantastic shot!

  24. The Mountain is beautiful

  25. Gorgeous shot!!

  26. Indded a great view!!

  27. No words to describe this..

  28. amazingly beautiful shot

  29. what a breathtaking view!

  30. It sure is! That is an awsome picture!

  31. Lovely view; excellent photo.

  32. I love looking at the tops of the clouds. A simply stunning shot.

  33. Over the clouds the sky is allways blue…. and yes it is…. wonderful mountains !!
    Love from Norway

  34. I feel like I’m sitting on the wing! Beautiful photo!

  35. Wow, what a great view! Really nice.

  36. What a beautiful monochromatic shot!

  37. So beautiful:)
    Petunia’s SWF

  38. WOW it sure is!!! Man! That is gorgeous!!!

  39. That`s just beautiful!

  40. I’m glad I saw this: it’s so great. It’s as if the mountain rises out of nothing. Just so great!

  41. Love it

  42. Great taken. Nice view.

  43. Wow! Very nice. This is great.

  44. Love mountain shots, from the ground and from the air. 😉

  45. Gorgeous!

  46. My photos never turn out that way when I take them out of an airplane window. This is fabulous.

  47. Great pic, great mountain. Aeroplane pics are cool. i wish I had been there.

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