Sky Watch Friday   46 comments

Come fly with me…

Hope you enjoyed the flight!

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Sky Watch


Posted May 8, 2008 by Lana G! in Photo, Photography, Sky Watch Friday!

46 responses to “Sky Watch Friday

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  1. Oh yes … I was wondering when would our “sky sailor” arrive with some more great photos from above … and here they are!
    Perfect stunners again.

  2. So soft. So beautiful!
    Great post!

  3. It’s beautiful up there!

  4. That’s just gorgeous!

  5. So fluffy beautiful…

  6. Thank you Lana
    I do not fly so these views are special for me… those clouds are awesome seen from above.

  7. I’m an infrequnet flyer and thiugh I did take pictures on one flight 9my camera was pocket-sized) I’ve since ound that my camera has always ahd to be kept in the lockeras and unavailable – scuse typos my fingers are playing uo!

  8. Beautiful fly and cloud shot

  9. fantastic, well done.

  10. Beautiful! I (continue to) love your photography!

  11. This is what I love about flying over to your blog!!

  12. Stunning sky shots. Perfect for the day.

  13. WOW above and coming through, brill work.

    My Sky watch from Belvoir Castle Grounds are now up.

  14. I love the view of the clouds from above

  15. Very much so!
    Thank`s for taking me.
    It was beautiful! 🙂


  16. That’s just gorgeous! Great post.

  17. What no peanuts on this flight? Nice photos.

  18. Wonderful shots. Love them all:)

  19. I can’t get enough of the view from ABOVE the clouds!

  20. Clouds fro above are wonderful.
    Nina at Nature Remains

  21. Lana: Nicely done, wonderful captures.

  22. Love this kind of flying thru your eyes and camera, I don’t like to fly so this is great

  23. Yes, I certainly did enjoy that!

  24. Very nice photos.Lookes so quiet up there!

  25. Fantastic entry for SWF! Happy weekend! Hope to see you in my corner too..

  26. I love the way you narrated these photos! Lovely cotton candy.

  27. love the text with these images. All fabulous shots you’ve captured.

  28. Great pictures for SWF, just great.

  29. So clear and without the plane’s wings!!! =) Happy weekend!

  30. OMG! What a View!
    Wonderful for Skywatch.

    Thanks for visiting mine today.

  31. Definitely enjoyed the flight! Those are outstanding photos… thank you for dropping by my blog!

  32. Very Nice

  33. There are views of an angel!

    Marvelous sky!

    Have a nice weekend.


  34. Very serene and beautiful!

  35. I took a bunch of photos on my last flight from Chicago to NYC. They stunk, one and all! Yours, however, are just lovely! Thank God for digital cameras! Doesn’t matter how many bad shots you take – just delete and the badness goes away! Instant gratification. It’s a very lovely thing!

    Thanks for stopping by my Friday Sky Watch. Old Wom Tiggley has created a wonderful theme!

  36. Very, very beautiful!

  37. Wow, this is so amazing, thanks for sharing! Makes me feel like I was there.

  38. i like that clouds.. as if i can see the care bears who are playing on it…. totally nice……. i like it that much..

  39. Beautiful shots! It’s great to see the clouds from a different perspective for a change.

  40. Wow, that is impressive! Thanks for sharing

  41. Great sky watch 🙂

  42. very beautiful pictures, many congratulations

  43. I was thinking of how great something like taking pictures of clouds from above would be great for Sky Watch. Great shots and I also love the way you arranged them!

  44. Nice. like the collage. We were at the beach. So I’m just now getting around to this.

  45. thanks I enjoyed the ride!

  46. Wonderful! I love cloud photos and yours taken from above are
    so interesting – and good!

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