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  1. your pictures are so lovely!
    what a blessing you are to create such a work for God!
    thanks so much for doing WFW with me! 🙂

  2. Beautiful Lana! Where did you find the bleeding hearts?

  3. Such a lovely pairing of verse and photo! I was going to plant some Bleeding Hearts in my garden this year but my Dad opted for a vegetable garden instead.

  4. Enjoying your creations. Where was the aerial shot in your header taken? It looks like Alaska in the summer – out on the Aleutian Chain or Alaska Peninsula.

  5. Such a beautiful verse, and picture.

  6. What a sweet verse and lovely photo! I love the flowers. Thanks for sharing. God bless!

  7. Gorgeous! I’ve never heard of, or seen those beautiful flowers. What a PERFECT companion to your encouraging scripture! = ) Thanks for sharing (and for stopping by!)
    Tracy = )

  8. If I may ask, what software do you use in order to type text overlaid on your photos?

  9. So beautiful! Love the picture and the verse is perfect!

  10. Just beautiful! I love those bleeding heart bushes.

  11. Thank you! I feel as blessed as if someone just sent me flowers 🙂

  12. I SO needed to see this right now..Lol; What a wonderful reminder and a fantastic image!

    I am in awe when I see how openly children embrace God and it’s such a constant reminder that we need to just learn to allow Him openly and with a pure heart in our lives.

  13. I love your pictures and verses both. Thanks for stopping by and leaving your lovely comment.


  14. Wow! This was a beautiful picture. And I love the verse- I love the Beatitudes. Thanks for stopping by and the nice comments.


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