ABC Wednesday – P   26 comments

This pretty little pollinator is on a poppy that appears to be part of the pumpkin palette!

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26 responses to “ABC Wednesday – P

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  1. Very nice and colourful photo! Nice post!

  2. very lovely:) and good macro photo also…

  3. Well look how clever you are with your letter this week…
    Love it.

  4. Perfect P Post Providing Pollinator Photography.

  5. So nice! Great macro!

  6. Very nice and colorful photo. I love it:)

    Have fun:)

  7. WOW! Your close up pictures are amazing! I have not progressed to this level yet..why you may ask………..because I haven’t read that part of the manual yet! LOL! But…soon I will!

    Thanks for your contribution.

  8. Beautiful flower for your P-Post.

  9. You Punny person, perfect post!

  10. Poppy Post is a great theme for ABC.

    Please visit my Pots.

  11. Clever eyes catching a very special moment + beautiful colours + perfect composition + a very good shot = A great “P” post!

    Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  12. Oh, that’s lovely! The color on the flower is amazing! Beautiful macro! You and I did the same thing! Woooohooo… YAY us!

  13. Pretty!! 😀

  14. That is a wonderful photo.

  15. Very very nice photo! So colourful.

  16. Bee-autiful!!

  17. I love all kinds of pollinators.
    Thanks for sharing.

    P is Posted.
    Come visit,
    Troy and Martha

  18. A cute post!
    Mine are up!
    Neva 1
    Neva 2

  19. Nice macro shot. You caught all the P’s in one Photograph. Come visit my P post.

  20. Three P`s in one hit. Wonderful!:)


  21. A lovely, perfect close-up!

  22. Beautiful shot.

  23. Beautiful picture.

  24. Beautiful photo. Imagine catching a B on a P!

  25. Very pretty I like the colors!

  26. You know, Lana, we could use some of those bees out here in Colorado! (I’m not kidding — we’re having a bee crisis!)

    I love your closeup photography. You capture those little things that I tend to overlook as I speed by, all flustered and distracted. Thank you. 🙂

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