ABC Wednesday – O   30 comments

The letter this week is “O” and I have chosen one of my favorite flowers to share…

Orchidaceae, also called the Orchid family, is the largest family of the flowering plants …

The different varieties of this wonderful flower never cease to amaze me.  They are truly a remarkable addition to creation!

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30 responses to “ABC Wednesday – O

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  1. One of my favourites too.
    This is a beautiful collection! :)))
    Happy ABC!

  2. Oh my Lana, you have found some gorgeous orchids! Were these in Hawaii?

  3. Beautiful Lana! Some of them look like spiders…

  4. .
    Great post.
    Martha will like this.
    She raises some orchids.

    My “O” is up
    Come Visit

  5. Wow! Sow many Orchids, they are very beautiful. Nice choice for today..

    My ABC is up!

  6. Such a beautiful post and colorful Orchids… wow!

  7. Gorgeous orchids!

  8. Lovely way to show them all. Orchid is a lovely flower, very photographic!

  9. Perfect for our “O” day! Come and see mine! 😀

  10. Those are beautiful. Did you grow them?

  11. Simply beautiful flowers!

  12. You’ve made a beautiful collection fo orchids there. Lovely colors.

  13. wow…beautiful O today in here 😀

    Will you visit mine Thanks

  14. Wonderful Orchideas! So beautiful! The best choice for “O” letter! Where did you photograph these beauties?

    Friendly greetings from Istanbul,

  15. Beautiful – at least I know where I want to go any supplemental information concerning orchids.

  16. You have beautiful orchids and so many varieties. I have several orchid plants at home and I don’t always have much luck in getting them to flower despite watering and fertilizing.

  17. Wonderful choice & what a lovely collage.
    I have a small potted orchid in my bathroom window, I do so hope I can keep it going once it’s finished flowering.

  18. Wonderful collage.
    I received my first orchids in 2006. They lasted ages.
    Wonderful flowers.
    I am hoping to spend some time in my greenhouse this week. Cuttings are calling!

  19. Orchids are truly beautiful and your collage is wonderful.

  20. A beautiful montage of orchids. They are a special flower and your images are gorgeous.

  21. Beautiful post, most romantic.

    Please fly over to visit my O.Post.

  22. Beautiful pictures.

  23. Beautiful flowers and beautiful photos:)

  24. Lovely!

  25. Very very beautiful. So exotic.

  26. Beautiful collection of orchid pics. Such a delicate flower.

  27. Wow, what a great choice for ‘O’. I also love your collage.

  28. Lovely collage.

  29. Gorgeous orchids collage!

  30. Beautiful photos! Orchids are one of my favorites.

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