Sky Watch Friday   48 comments

Taken Monday, April 14th at around 7am

Sky Watch

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Posted April 17, 2008 by Lana G! in Clouds, Photography, Sky Watch Friday!, Sunrise

48 responses to “Sky Watch Friday

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  1. Sorry, care to wait a moment? Please?
    Going to ask someone to pinch me … because seeing this amazing photo I first thought I was in heaven!

  2. Oye yoye yoye! That is an amazing one for sure Lana G!

  3. Thank you for joining in again my friend..
    Above is great…

  4. Awesome shot!!

  5. Great shot. What a climate!

  6. Breathtaking!! What a view!

  7. Lana: What a great view from above.

  8. Amazing image, excellent.

  9. oh wow

  10. I have lived this photograph many times, each time different and always beautiful!

  11. Stunning shot!

  12. The others used all the words that I wanted to use.
    Beautiful and well framed.


    Mine is up. Come and Visit,

  13. Oh wow! I am without words.

  14. nice catch! In the sky, there is no distinction of East and West, so the people create distinctions out of their own minds…. mine’s up too hope you can drop by.

  15. Wow! Awesome photo! Great!

  16. Excellent shot!

  17. A very beautiful view but I glad it was you up there and not me. Thanks for sharing!

  18. what a great shot! Wonderful.

  19. Beautiful!!!

  20. Fantastic photo. Just wonderful! Wow!

  21. ooooh my!
    my fave this week.

  22. Awesome you were up there so lovely…

  23. There’s no more words to say….!!!!!!!!!

  24. Awesome – I’m speechless.

  25. Great shot. I observed from above the clouds below like miles and miles of drifted snow….

  26. Wow. Awesome.


  27. This is fantastic, i love these shots from above. Thank you for sharing it

  28. Your photos make me wish I could walk along these clouds!

  29. breathtaking!

    i love the picniks frames and font. 🙂 it’s a beautiful picture.

    happy SWF!

  30. Excelent shot 😀

    Will you visit mine Thanks

  31. LOVELY! 🙂
    A great view! ;)))

  32. Wow!
    One could almost jump in those clouds.

  33. Hi,
    I was absolutely gobsmacked at this photo! The words amazing,superb spring to mind!

  34. Wow! This is awesome! A Fabulous shot!!!

  35. fantastic catch! mine’s up too.. its my first entry hope you can drop by

  36. Absolutely stunning. Ethereal — so peaceful too.

  37. Amazing!!! I just cant get over how beautiful it is!

  38. Fabulous shot!

  39. WOW! Very nice!

  40. Oh my gosh – that absolutely takes my breath away and leaves me speechless! Unbelievably gorgeous!

  41. What can I say?

    Then say: Wonderful!

  42. I was looking for the angels sitting on the clouds… it’s like being up in heaven =)

  43. what can i say, this is such an awseome sight.

  44. This could be the way to heaven, beautiful.

  45. Sorry i haven’t got the time to visit you earlier.
    Love your clouds photo:)Amazing!

    Have a nice week end!
    Petunia’s Sky Watch

  46. wow. Amazing shot!

  47. Simply beautiful…heavenly

  48. This is beautiful, and a view I don’t see often. Love the colors.

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