ABC Wednesday – M   14 comments

M is for…

I have been enjoying these magnificent masterpieces immensely in my backyard!

For more ABC Wednesday photo’s, head on over to Mrs. Nesbitt’s!



Posted April 15, 2008 by Lana G! in ABC Photograph Wednesday, Flowers, Photo, Photography

14 responses to “ABC Wednesday – M

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  1. Oh get out! You have a Magnolia too?! Beautiful, wonderful MMMM…

  2. The magnolias are coming out now here, too. They are definitely MAGNIFICENT MASTERPIECES of nature! 😀

  3. Magnificent materpieces is an understatement. The blossoms are incredible. (But of course, incredible doesn’t start with M.)

  4. Lovely magnolia close-ups.
    I included Magnolia’s amongst my M’s too, but mine are set against an old chuch

  5. Lovely M! 🙂
    So beautiful!

  6. oh boy…it is beautiful…

    Hope you have time visit my M Thanks

  7. Just beautiful!

  8. How beautiful!

  9. And that I can understand!

  10. Lovely photos:)

    Petunia’s ABC

  11. I am jealous!I hope you can stop by here or here!

  12. Your magnolia blooms are Magnificent.

    …….and thanks for your encouraging words

  13. My allergies don’t enjoy them so much, but I do find magnolias beautiful when blooming. My wife can’t stand them, though. Nothing says “deep south” to me quite like a magnolia tree.

  14. Magnolias are so beautiful!

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