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15 responses to “WFW-Psalm 85:10

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  1. Lana,

    That is beautiful. I really like the blue tones in the writing and picture.


  2. what a great verse and what a beautiful pic…..We just painted ducks in our art class and the COLORS on them amazed me….what we miss when we aren’t looking…

    have a great Wednesday!

  3. There is a sense of calm and peace to that image; I love how it just capture the moment and the verse!

  4. Love and righteousness, righteousness and peace what an amazing combination of blessings we are given..

  5. Beautiful thought beautifully portrayed in the picture. Thanks for sharing.

  6. . . . and like the photograph, God’s light enfolds them both! Lovely!

  7. Beautiful!!!! Just Beautiful!!!

  8. Ahhh… both the picture and the scripture are absolutely lovely!

  9. Beautiful and very peaceful!

  10. that is sooo soooo… i want to sparkly… but it so fits with together!
    Thanks for encouraging me!!

  11. Great photo and verse. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Beautiful photo and verse. Thanks for stopping by and welcoming me!
    = )

  13. Unexpected but perfect image for those words. You’ve aroused my curiosity to go and read the rest of that Psalm! 🙂

  14. That is just fantastic. I love this one too. You are so good at doing these.

  15. This is amazingly beautiful and peaceful. You have a real talent for creating these Word-Filled images each week. Nice touch with the shadowed corners vignette. Love the font and the blue on blue. It all works!

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