Decor-a-Tea – Week 3   23 comments


March 30 – April 5

Share ideas and pictures that incorporate tea and/or tea themes into home decor. Displays, art, prints, fabrics, and collection all count in this category. Do you use teapots and teacups as a part of your home decor? If so, describe how.

I think this week’s theme is one of my favorites in the blogathon.  As part of my decorating during the seasons/holidays, my dining room table is always set with the current theme.  This week, I put away the Easter decor and set the table for a spring garden tea party.


This tea is all about flowers and welcoming spring.  One of the cups on the table is quite unique.  It is heart shaped.  You really can’t tell it is heart shaped unless you see it with some tea in it.  So, let me pour you cup of some beloved tea…


My table will be set until Memorial Day, which means…

Kettle’s on, cups are waiting,
Favorite chairs, anticipating,
No matter what I have to do,
My friend, there’s always time for you.
D Morgan

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Posted March 30, 2008 by Lana G! in Blog, Decorating, Entertainment, Fellowship, Tea Party

23 responses to “Decor-a-Tea – Week 3

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  1. I love all your pictures, but I must admit, I am so wanting a heart cup like that….I have NEVER seen anything like it….do you know what company makes them? I cannot even tell you in words how much I want a cup like that! I really enjoyed your post!

  2. A lovely tablescape! You’ve mixed such cheerful spring colors and quirky bits and pieces to make a beautiful scene. I like the way you’ve used assorted teacups and saucers for variety, yet unified everything with the same plates. The green plate between dinner plate and cup and saucer is an excellent buffer! And I love the heart teacup!!! You know, I have one. . .but I don’t think I’ve ever poured tea into it. It does show off the shape in a beautiful way. Everything is lovely and beautiful! Thanks for sharing!


  3. Lovely, lovely, lovely! Your table is beautiful with the mismatched sets! That is my favorite way to set a tea table…

  4. I love your heart shaped tea cup, too! Will certainly be on the prowl for one of those!

    Your post was quite lovely and the poem you closed it out with is so appropriate! Cheers for you!

    Have a lovely week!

  5. Fun, fun, fun Lana! I just had to leave Washington too soon!

  6. I’ll be right over!

  7. You always show such lovely things! I love it all!! Please give us the name of the heart shaped cup! And what is the name of your yellow rose tea cup!

    Yellow Rose Arbor

  8. What a beautiful table! I also love the heart-shaped cup…it’s so pretty.


  9. This is the most special tea cup that I have ever seen. Isn’t it absolutely perfect, shaped like a heart, we all heart tea in this La Tea Dah tea. I love how you set your table with each unique teacup, this makes it feel even more special. Your collection is beautiful. Blessings, Karen

  10. Oh my! That heart cup is so sweet. Did everyone get a tea party favor of tea? That’s a wonderful idea!

  11. Loved all the colors of your placesettings and the accesories together. It was sooooo “Springy.”
    I wish I could “Set the table” and leave it until Memorial Day. HA! We turned our dining room into a formal office.
    The “Heart” Tea Cup is over the top…I’ve never seen one. I just bought an “Egg shaped” Demitasse Tea Cup set in “Robin Egg Blue” of course and that was very different and cute.
    Thanks for sharing your cute table and dishes.

    The Secret Gardener
  12. Add me to the list of those who want a heart shaped cup like yours. Lovely!

  13. I love your tea set! Wow! I didn’t know a tea party would look this beautiful.

  14. Your spring table set is priceless! Of course my favorite is the heart shaped teacup, what a wonderful gift that would make for so many.

    Kathi 🙂

  15. That’s great, I love the heart shaped teacup! I’ll have to see if I can find some like that.

  16. SO sweet, what a great set up!!

  17. That heart shaped tea cup is wonderful! Something I have never seen before, beautiful!

  18. The way you have set the different teacups and saucers on the green plates set on the spring-like plates makes for a very harmonious and lovely setting.

  19. Your heart shaped cup is so neat! I have never seen anything like it. And your table is so inviting… it makes me want to go set mine. Which I never do unless we are eating at it! 🙂 Thank you for sharing!

  20. I love your table setting!!!! The heart shaped cup is awesome! I love the centerpiece of the watering can and tiny bird tucked below also. So pretty and thank you for the sweet heart tea!

  21. Love your table set for a spring garden tea! That heart shaped tea cup is really special!!

  22. Heart shaped tea! I’m envious!

  23. If you love the white heart shaped tea cup then you’ll love “Inside out hearts” by “Classic Coffee & Teas”. This (6) piece tea set comes in different colors trimed in gold or platimum in a hat box with handles. (saucers included) The beverage takes on a heart shape. You can find these on Ebay or To add something special to an already unique cup, purchase “Tea-nee Roses” by Katie. They are tea bags shaped like roses. These come in different colors too! Decaf and other flavors also. These can be found at “”

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