ABC Wednesday – J   14 comments

This week the letter for ABC Wednesday is J.  Here are my J Photos!




A Jack Rabbit that does not jump.


And of course, my weekly joyful journey in a jet!

For more ABC Wednesday posts, head on over to Mrs. Nesbitt’s Place.


Posted March 25, 2008 by Lana G! in ABC Photograph Wednesday

14 responses to “ABC Wednesday – J

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  1. Well done with your J’s. I miss mr. Linky!!!

  2. Very nice pictures especially the juicy!

  3. Great pictures, good ideas for “J”.


  5. Great shots! I would like to have a taste of the juicy fruits. I think i have to find myself an orange. 😉

  6. Gosh, do you travel in a jet every week?
    Wow! J is for jealous!

  7. Great J post. Love the rabbit, and I love to fly. I don’t get to do it as often as you, but every chance I get.

  8. Wonderful choices for J. . . I almost didn’t get to see the view from the jet because I just got a little box but I did some little maneuvers and got to see that wonderful sunset too!

  9. Do you really go on a jetplain every week,lucky you?Beautiful photos for the letter J:o)

  10. good J’s. great photography!

  11. Love your J’s.

  12. Beautiful sky view from the jet!!

  13. oh my goodness – my mouth was actually starting to water when I saw your juicy entry!! great shot.

  14. And don’t forget the jonquils your jack rabbit is hiding in. 😉

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