The Legend of the Dogwood Poem   12 comments


My  sister posted about the Legend of the Dogwood today and since I recently discovered that I had two Dogwood trees in my backyard, I decided to share this poem.  I never knew that these two trees were Dogwoods.  It gives me a new appreciation for this beautiful tree.  Even though it is just a legend,  I appreciate the reminder of my Savior’s sacrifice for me whenever I see these trees!

Blessings on you as we anticipate Resurrection Sunday!

12 responses to “The Legend of the Dogwood Poem

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  1. How cool that you have some dogwoods! Love the poem, love the dogwoods, Love Jesus!!

  2. Oh, I love dogwood trees too! (I’d heard that legend as a small child, but it was nice to hear it again)

    It’s always an AWESOME thing to be reminded of what JESUS did for us. THANKS for sharing! =-)


  3. I had not heard this before I read Ellen’s and your posts. It is a beautiful thought. My dogwood tree is pink.

    • I have found no biblical references to the dogwood. I painted a watercoler of a branch and would like to write something meaningful on it. Any ideas? Please go directly to my email. I probably will not visit here, I don’t have time.

      Have a great Easter.

  4. I just love the story of the dogwood..
    Thanks for reminding me of this..
    God Bless you and have a wonderful Easter.

  5. Beautiful poem and pictures! Thank you for sharing and Happy Easter!

  6. WOW I had forgotten all about the Legend of the Dogwood! Thanks for the reminder and thanks for visiting my blog.

  7. Thank you for the legend also, (just read Ellen’s). I had a Dogwood tree outside our bathroom window at another house. I always loved looking forward to it’s blooms.

  8. Yes, The Legend of the Dogwood Tree is beautiful! Another Miracle of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ! Thank You Jesus!

  9. This is a beautiful poem! I love it! Did you write it?

  10. ironicly my husband and two young boys were going out for mothers day dinner and up on the hill from where we live there a beautiful dogwood tree and my oldest ask what they wre and why they were so special and i told him something simplular to this poem. I have always been intreaged by the dogwood since i was a small child quite some time ago

  11. i love the dogwood legen pome

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