Orchids, Birds, Waterfalls & Wine   4 comments




Two Photos of the day…



This was waiting for us when we returned back to our room after a wonderful day of exploring waterfalls, hiking and two yummy meals.  Our dear friends Dave and Suzy were supposed to be here the same time we were and it is Dave’s birthday tomorrow.  We were going to surprise him for his birthday and unfortunately they had to change their plans. They sent us this bottle of wine to say they were bummed they could not be here.  Happy Birthday Dave!  We miss you guys! Thanks for the bottle of wine it was a wonderful surprise.


Posted February 28, 2008 by Lana G! in Birds, Flowers, Friends, Hawaii, Nature, Photography

4 responses to “Orchids, Birds, Waterfalls & Wine

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  1. Excellent photos collection, the waterfall is fantastic.

  2. Oh my girl! You are capturing the beauty of God’s islands so well with that little camera of yours!! The waterfall shot is ah-mazing! Look at all those different orchids. Hmm all of this happened by chance…pulease!

  3. Such gorgeous orchids!

  4. Hawaii just gets better and better. Have you considered publishing your photos in a travelogue? They really are pleasing to the eye.

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