ABC Wednesday – F   31 comments

The letter this week for Photograph Wednesday over at Mrs. Nesbitt’s Place is F.  

My husband and I are vacationing here in Hawaii so I decided to use this picture:  


The Flame from a tiki torch…

Now hula on over to  Mrs. Nesbitt’s Place for more photos of F 🙂 Aloha!


Posted February 27, 2008 by Lana G! in ABC Photograph Wednesday, Hawaii, Photo, Photography

31 responses to “ABC Wednesday – F

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  1. Cool F! 🙂

  2. Hi!

    That is one fabulous photo!
    And, I do envy you vacationing in Hawaii.


  3. WOnderful shot!

  4. aloha

    have a nice holiday

    Gerald [aka Hyde DP & Ackworthborn]

  5. What a great photo,beautiful.A very good F-post:o)

  6. Cooll….Nice pic you have.

    Will you visit mine 😀 Thanks

  7. Nice shot, flame with a backdrop of palms and sky. I don’t think it would have ocurred to me to take a photo of a flame at night. Sure glad you shared this photo because now I’m going to try one sort of like it — minus the Hawaiian props. Hahaha

  8. WoW! That is really a great shot.

  9. fabulous

  10. awesome picture, neat idea…

  11. What an amazing photo! It looks unreal. Great.

  12. I have explored most of Hawaii and find it to be a botanical paradise. I enjoyed your picture as it brought back some pleasant memories.

  13. Beautiful Lana! Wonderful Hawaii shot for F! I see you are #5, I had to go to bed before Mr. Linky appeared…
    Keep relaxing.

  14. This is a fantastic picture…LOVE it!!!!

  15. What a nice picture and very original F post!

  16. Very cool photo. It is snowing here, so it gave me a pseudo warm feeling. LOL

  17. What a fun foto .. flame .. a fine F!

  18. Love the flame, how nice that you are in a warm place

  19. Gee, that’s tough duty, Hawaii. Great post, love the flame photo.

  20. That flame is fantastic – excellent photo.

  21. Oh, What FUN!!! Love the flame shot! FANTASTIC F post!

  22. Lovely shot – you’ve captured a difficult subject well. Happy ABC Wednesday!

  23. Very nicely done!

  24. love it…!!

  25. That is one awesome flame.

  26. A very good F Lana! Have a great vacation – you can’t go wrong with Hawii can you!


  28. Wow!! Wonderful photo!!!:)

  29. Looks like your having Fun watchiing the Flames!

  30. WOW!

    HAVE FUN! with a capital F!

  31. Very suitable!

    I am a bit late in commenting, but better late than never!

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