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The Diamond Head Challenge   3 comments

Sunday we knew we were going to have some rain come in so we decided we’d better get our Diamond Head hike in first – well, after a cup of coffee and pastry at Starbucks 🙂 . 


The hike started off  very warm and dry and then turned into warm and wet – very wet!  It was actually refreshing to get soaked by the rain! The hike was two miles round trip.  It was strenuous and the views awesome.

We drove and saw many more beautiful sites on Sunday.  But, this is all I have time to share with you!  Gotta go explore some more!  Aloha…

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Fun Monday   18 comments


This week’s Fun Monday is easy, Mariposa is hosting and asking TWO things

(1) Please share with us how the NAME of your BLOG was made? I can’t wait to hear interesting funny stories!

This is an easy one for me.  I am on a plane usually two days a week, so I wanted a name that had something to do with air travel.  So, the name I came up with was Above the Clouds – Lofty thoughts from a frequent flyer. 


I love taking pictures when I am on the plane. The view is never the same.  When I am the plane, I am able to wind down and it is a place for me to get my creativity going again. It is also a place for me to spend some time reading and praying. 

(2) Please share with us (in words or photo, though a combination of both will be a bonus!) your favorite/ most common dish!


My favorite salad!  Tomatoes, cucumbers and onions with lemon and salt.  YUMMY!

For more Fun Monday head on over to Mariposa

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