Waikiki Honolulu Hawaii   5 comments

Today we flew to Hawaii…
Don’t worry! This was not our plane!  It was the one next to us and I must say it was a little disconcerting to see this when you are getting ready to fly on a 5½ flight over the ocean!  But no worries! We made it to Honolulu just fine.  Here are the highlights of the day…
We arrived…
We went exploring the beach walk at Waikiki…
We had a wonderful dinner at a restaurant called A House without a Key…
Did I mention it was a sunset dinner…
Aloha for today. 

Posted February 23, 2008 by Lana G! in Food, Hawaii, Sunset, Travel

5 responses to “Waikiki Honolulu Hawaii

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  1. Oh I’m so glad to hear you made it safe and sound! Your dinner looked oh so yummy. I’m guessing it’s Steve who had the cake that looks like it has coconut! It looks duhlicious but I love coconut! I’m so happy you were able to post these great collages. Enjoy, relax, breath deep, be happy!

  2. Aloha! Have a Fabulous time away! You guys deserve it.
    The first thing Laura and I said when we saw the cake was Kakanut!

  3. Did you have the coconut cake? 🙂 Your photos are beatiful…can’t wait to see more of your trip.

  4. Too funny about the kakanut! I thought the same thing…
    Love the placement of the bird photo under the wine glasses! Hope you have a great, fun & relaxing time.

  5. An orchid on every plate. I had forgotten about that detail. Thanks for bringing back wonderful memories.

    Glad you are sharing your trip with us. Beautiful photos. Thank you.

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