Sky Watch Friday   29 comments

I took these pictures from the airplane on Tuesday Morning.  The world looks different above the clouds!


This will really show you the difference…


Above the Clouds


Below the Clouds

For more Sky Watch Photos click here.

Posted February 21, 2008 by Lana G! in Photo, Photography, Sky Watch Friday!

29 responses to “Sky Watch Friday

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  1. Wow these are gorgeous. Love the soft blue and pink sky.

  2. Wonderful sequence! I take it this is landing in Orange County…
    In the 2nd photo it looks like you could walk on those clouds…

  3. Lovely

  4. Yup…it certainly does look and feel different. I tried capturing some photos too when I’m flying in a plane… sure was a different experience for me.

  5. The colors and the vibrancy are breathtaking.

  6. Great shots!! My first thought was it looked like you could step right out and walk on those clouds.

  7. Definitely beautiful above the clouds! The first photo is just magnificent!

  8. Wow! Those are amazing! I’ve never been in a plane before…probably never will either. But these are awesome!

  9. Wow that is so neat, it has been many yrs since i have seen the clouds in a plane

  10. Amazing! So beautiful above the clouds!

  11. Lovely clouds! 🙂
    I love number two.

  12. Pretty neat all of them. Clouds look like cotton, don´t they?

  13. Above the clouds in that quietness would be bliss.

  14. exccellent – love the second one.

  15. Awesome

  16. Amazing… I’ve never been in a plane, so I love seeing the Sky Watch photos from planes!

  17. l always want to run across those softee clouds

  18. I always love pics taken from planes.If you ever fly into Portland,Oregon and it is a clear day you can see Mt.Hood,Baker,St.Helens and Rainer from the plane. It is so gorgeous.

  19. I LOVE that second photo! That is really awesome!

  20. Hi Yes!!! fly by plane and see those wonderfull clouds…
    This is a great skywatch, I love the colours and the clouds welldone.

    Watch the DUTCH sky on my blog,
    Greetings JoAnn from Holland

  21. Now I understand why some people likes to skydive! It must be the most amazing feeling falling trough those clouds.

  22. Otherr pictures from a airplane, like mine.
    But I was really gong to Hell 🙂

  23. Great shots!

  24. I think I’ll prefer the view above the clouds…

  25. I love photos from above the clouds – so different.

  26. What a great view. From above and below.

  27. This is my first visit to your site. I like it alot. Very nice. Your pictures are beautiful I especially like the glow of the sun on the first one. God Bless!

  28. Wow! Lucky you…I love to fly. Love that first photo.

  29. Really otherworldly, being above the clouds.

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