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The letter this week for Photograph Wednesday over at Mrs. Nesbitt’s Place is E.  I have chosen a picture of “E”levation taken this morning on my flight down from Washington to California.


This is Mount St. Helens.  An active stratovolcano that “E”rupted in the state of Washington in the “E”ighties.  You can read about it here.

Elevation: 8,363 feet (2549 m)

Here are some more shots of this elegant element from an elevation higher than eight thousand feet:


E you later!  Now head on over to  Mrs. Nesbitt’s Place for more photos of E 🙂

Posted February 19, 2008 by Lana G! in ABC Photograph Wednesday, Photography, Travel, Washington

32 responses to “ABC Wednesday – E

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  1. Wow, those are some fantastic shots!!

  2. Totally awesome pictures…

  3. Ha! YOU are cracking me up! Ellen thinks your E post is exceptionally excellent.

  4. Extremely nice shots

  5. That event I remember well.

    You took some really excellent photos!

    Thanks for stopping by!

    Have a Blessed Fun Happy
    Healthy Creative Year!!!

  6. OOHH my now I know why I’ll never fly…beautiful but soooo scary!!!!!

  7. Those are great shots! I loved your wording! Thanks for maknig me smile. Don’t go see Rusty, he doesn’t have an E post.

  8. Amazing! I m in awe that you got such beautiful shots from the plane!!

  9. wow….quite the photos…..nice.

  10. I remember when that had happen! Wow…has it been that long!

    Gorgeous photos and it’s just amazing how it looks! Shows how perserving the miracle of life is!

  11. E xcelent photos

  12. Incredible shots! I remember when she erupted – two days before my 2nd daughter was born! We almost called her Helena! ;D There was soot and ashes floating even here just south of Vancouver, BC!

  13. Wow!

  14. Encredible! If you’ve been by my blog, you know that I am a nut for mountains. I am always taking pictures of them any time I fly–well, drive–well, hike–well, go out my front door.

    There is a spot near Goldendale where you can see Hood, St. Helens, Adams, and Rainier all from the same spot. Shortly after May 18, 1980 (I don’t have to read about it, I experienced it.) someone scratched the 9000 something elevation off the sign and scratched in 8363.

  15. Those are great shots from the sky, i just posted photos of St Helen on my blog 2 days ago come check them out

  16. Wow! Another Washingtonian? Ü Great photos for E!

  17. Wow great photos. I remember when Mount St. Helens “E”rupted.

  18. A beautiful Evalation! 🙂

  19. Fantastic photos! Love these ones!

  20. awesome indeed – I remember lying over an extinct volcano in New Zealand but not one that has eruputed as recently as this.

  21. I’m seeing some amazing photos this morning! I keep ‘wow’-ing!


  22. Eye sEE you’rE clEvEr! and I lovE you crEativitEEEEE

  23. Gorgeous! And from an excellent perspective!

  24. Wow! This was a fantastic post! Your shots are AWESOME!!

  25. WOW!! this was stunning !! beautifully!!!AWESOME !!
    This was one of my favorite E….sow long :))

  26. Good shots of spectacular site!

  27. Good shots of spectacular site!

  28. It is neat to see the mountain from the air. I lived just 60 miles south of there when it “E” rupted. It was a teen and the vivid memory of the experience stays with me. I used to go sledding on the mountain in prior days, by Spirit Lake.

  29. Absolutely stunning!

  30. this is absolutely fabulous, it is hard to believe that you saw this today whilst I was sitting in a class in Middlesbrough!! wow……

  31. Excellent! What wonderful pictures you have.

  32. What awesome pics. I remember Mount St. Helene’s very well. I remember exactly where I was and all the ash that rained down on my city here in Alberta, Canada. Not too far from here they were shovelling it like snow. Beautiful pictures.

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