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Fun Monday this week is being hosted by SayreSmiles Here is our assignment…

Every day as I go to work, I see things around me that make me laugh. Usually these are in the forms of signs. So take your camera with you as you go about your business and take a picture of the things that make you laugh along the way (but it doesn’t necessarily HAVE to be a sign).

What makes me laugh is this:


What’s so funny about this picture?  Before I started blogging, I would have never attempted taking a picture of a sunset in my car while doing 65 miles an hour on the highway!  Skills people, I got me some skills!

At least I’m not texting or on my cell phone at the same time! Never was really good at texting anyway.

Here is a sign I did see recently but not on my way to work:


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Posted February 17, 2008 by Lana G! in Fun, Fun Monday, Meme, Photo, Photography

21 responses to “Fun Monday!

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  1. You did good! Oh and enjoy your fun Monday off!!!

  2. Whoa!!! You do have mad pitcherskilz. I had to pull over and get out for all of mine!

    Thanks for playing!

  3. that is a long time to have to hold it!!!

  4. I hear you–just got a digital camera recently so my blog would not be so boring and wordy. As to the last sign–think before you drink!

  5. That’s a hell of a long wait for a restroom stop if you get there at the wrong time.

  6. Eeek. Hope you don’t have to go before spring!

  7. Oh, yeah!!! Someone else driving and photographing…..the things we don’t talk about.

    What is one to do in the winter, btw?

  8. Fantastic image, fantastic colors, excellent done.

  9. I only got to see the sunset so I’ll be back to see if I can get the second picture!!

  10. Ah it’s just come up it took ages~ LOL I hope I never pass this spot in winter I can only keep my legs crossed for so long! 🙂

  11. Good shots. I amaze myself too at the things I notice now that I never would have noticed before getting into blogging. I think blogging has taught me to slow down and enjoy the unusual and beautiful things of this world.

  12. I liked the restrooms closed for winter.
    (I agree about the skill of driving while picture-taking, not everyone can do that!)

  13. My family teases me because I can go a long time without needing to visit the restroom. We once drove from Atlanta to Oklahoma City and I never went once. I don’t think there’s any chance I could wait for an entire winter though!

  14. You came up with a great sign Lana. I will have to get some tips from you on the “drive by shooting”.

  15. I’ve always prided myself in having a camel’s bladder but even I can’t hold it THAT long. Yep, it sure brought a smile to my face, too :).

  16. I’m thinking what winter has to do with it! And you take pictures while driving…wow!

  17. We have a lot of restrooms closed for winter up here and I hate it. I still need to pee in the winter people! Love you sunset and glad you didn’t wreck.

  18. wow. that’s a loooooooooooooooooong time to hold it!!

  19. So, you aren’t allowed to pee until spring? 😉

  20. Oh my goodness- I can barley hold it all night long- I can’t imagine having to wait for winter to end!

  21. I think it only counts as true multi-tasking if you are taking the picture and eating a cheeseburger while speeding down the highway. Oh, wait, that’s me.

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