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Week 5 – February 13 – 19. Stitching up wildflowers – creations made with textiles (fabric, yarn, thread etc.) and featuring wildflowers in some form, made by you or someone else.

I have lots of linens with wildflowers or flowers in general stiched on them.  Many of them were gifts and the most precious items are the ones made by my maternal grandmother (Babushka in Russian).  The items that were done by my Babushka are in the third row of this collage:


 My sister has also posted items made by my Babushka and gives a little background on her.  I also did a post back in June  in honor of her and that also has some of her work pictured there as well.  Here is a cute picture of Babushka with my niece Debbee:


Babushka is always the first person who comes to my mind when stitching is mentioned.  Great memories!

For more Stitching Up Wildflower posts, head on over here!


Posted February 15, 2008 by Lana G! in Family, Homemaking, Russian, Wildflowers in Winter

6 responses to “Stiching Up Wildflowers

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  1. Oh that is such a sweet photo of Babushka with Debbee. Michael was the last great grandson born before she died. Your stitched items are cute…

  2. What beautiful work you have featured. I especially love the items stitched by your Babushka. You were most blessed to have her in your life!


  3. I thought it was your mom when I first saw the picture! Beautiful heritage you have there!

  4. What beautiful linens.

  5. Beautiful tribute to an obviously beautiful woman. 🙂

  6. Your photo collage is lovely — how nice that you, too, can attach such wonderful memories to those precious linens. 🙂

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