Sky Watch Friday!   31 comments

This is my first time participating in Sky Watch Friday.  Here is my sky picture from my plane ride home this Valentine’s Day evening…


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Posted February 14, 2008 by Lana G! in Photo, Sky Watch Friday!, Sunset, Travel

31 responses to “Sky Watch Friday!

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  1. Awesome colors such a nice sky watch week Is that the yailof a plane?

  2. Oh beautiful! Welcome home…

  3. Wow, awesome.

  4. That is an amazing shot from the sky. Welcome to Sky Watch Friday

  5. Welcome to the club! Pictures taken from a plane are always something special.

    Nive shot!

  6. Welcome to SWF! 🙂
    GREAT shot! :)))

  7. WOW!! stunning and beautifully!!

  8. This is wonderful. God bless.

  9. Welcome to Sky Watch. I’ve never seen a beautiful sunset from a plane! Thanks for sharing. I love the way it reflects from that body of water.

  10. Hello and welcome to Sky Watch..

    You sure have set yourself a good standard here.

  11. What a great shot of the sky (and the tail of the plane?)! Beautiful!!

  12. Beautiful!!

  13. Hi WELCOME to the skywatch club , you really made a wonderfull photo,this is such a GREAT RED sky! Welldone:)

    Come and see my DUTCH skywatch,
    and listen to my favorite music while watching…

    Greetings JoAnn
    Enjoy your weekend:)

  14. Welcome! Nice photo .. hope you flight was smooth

  15. This is beautiful. I love pictures from planes. It’s an angle of the sky you don’t normally get.

    Welcome to Sky Watch Friday!

  16. Oh my goodness – you definitely got off to a great start! What a spectacular photo!!! Welcome to Sky Watch Friday, and I can’t wait to see more of your sky photos!

  17. Gorgeous shot! Love the colors!

  18. Beautiful:D How did you manage???

  19. I always love your pics that you take out the window of a plane. Just beautiful and something I certainly don’t get to see in real life. Thanks for sharing them.

  20. I love this. Just love it.

  21. Just beautiful.

    Thanks for visiting my lil ol blog and kind comments.

    See my sand storm!

  22. Hi,
    Welcome to Skywatch. A really beautiful photo for your first one.

  23. Hallo to you stranger…, but no i have found your blog 🙂

    Beautiful trip up in the sky…

  24. Makes me want to jump on a plane.

  25. Great colours!

  26. Very striking sunset!

  27. Beautiful view! Beautiful colours!

  28. Beautiful!

    I love the colors in the sky and the plane wing makes for a great foreground element to add depth to the composition. Welcome to Skywatch.

  29. Love it! (Well, except for that scary-high-in-the-air part). It’s beautiful how the golds and purples resolve into the cobalt blue.

  30. Stunning photo! Well done!

  31. Welcome to SkyWatch! Your first photo is awesome! *-)

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