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When the sun comes out in the winter in Northwest – IT’S A BIG DEAL!  So, I bundled up and went on a photo shoot!  Did I mention it was 36 degrees? But it’s SUNNY! CLEAR! and GORGEOUS! Most importantly, It’s NOT RAINING!

First stop, local vantage point to see the glorious – Mount Rainier!


She was in rare form today!  My oh My!

Then I was off to Lake Washington.  I made several stops along the way. My goal was to take as many pictures before my battery ran out!  Here are my favorite shots of the nearly 300 pictures I took today!


Thank you Lord for the sun today. Thank you that it is a holiday and I get to be home and enjoying it to the fullest!

Now it’s time to go make some cookies! 🙂  That is the next thing on my holiday at home list! 

(I might even post about it! Go figure!)


Posted January 21, 2008 by Lana G! in Home, Outdoors, Photo Shoot, Sun, Washington

5 responses to “Sun, Sun, Sun

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  1. Absolutely glorious. Wish I was there… (especially when the cookies come out of the oven)

  2. WOW, what stunning shots. Seriously, those are fantastic!

  3. Beautiful shots of Mt. Rainier! I only see her on work days, after dropping the kids off I have a view of Rainier and Adams on my way to work.

    I’m jealous that you all hit 36, it was 32 at the highest here today. 23 currently.

  4. Beautiful photos. It’s wonderful to see all that blue! Here in So Cal today we had rain! It was gray much of the day, but the sun shone through now and then between the clouds.

  5. Lovely shots of Mt Rainier and Lake Washington!Wow – 300 pictures- I need to start doing that too. I’m glad you had sun to make your holiday extra-special!

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