WFMW – Clean Can Opener   11 comments

For WFMW this week, I wanted to share with you how I clean my can opener.  The first time I did this, it really grossed me out because I had NEVER cleaned my can opener before.  Now I make SURE I do this on a regular basis!


You take a paper towel and fold it as shown in the second picture.  Then, just start twisting the can opener like your paper towel was a can you are trying to open.  Notice the gunk in picture 3?  You should have seen my paper towel the first time I did this – OH MY! I am sparing you the parental guidance grossness of it all because it was so long ago and well before I was blogging 🙂 !

Since, I do this so often, there is not that much that came off of my can opener.  But, it is still dirty. Now imagine if you have never cleaned your can opener – EEK!  This is why I clean it often.

If your can opener is super duper dirty, Here’s what else you can do before the above trick:


A clean can opener definitely works for me!

Note: I have not tried the paper towel trick on an electric can opener.


Posted January 16, 2008 by Lana G! in Homemaking, Household Hints, Works For Me Wednesdays

11 responses to “WFMW – Clean Can Opener

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  1. Nice! I’m going to go try this…

  2. I use a good old toothbrush everytime I use it. They say a can opener is the most germ filled item in a kitchen. Good tip!

  3. I wonder if it would work on an electric one – my electric one is in need of cleaning.

  4. I’ll think twice (and scrub three times) before I use mine again!

  5. I love all your ideas. You never cease to amaze me–keep the tips coming!

  6. I guess I’m too lazy, I throw mine in the dishwasher.

  7. I do what Sarah does, but I’m going to try your way!!

  8. I don’t think I’ve ever cleaned a can opener. Ick. I think I’ll go try this right now!

  9. Your can opener looks like it just came from the store!! Ummmm, I think I’m going to go to my kitchen real quick – excuse me.

  10. I rinse out mine each time I use it and put it in the dishwasher from time to time. Gee, I wonder how much build up there is anyway. Thanks for the tip. I’ll have to try it just to see if mine is icky too.

  11. I just rinse it every time I use it but I generally do thorough cleaning once a week. This is why it’s important to buy good grade stainless steel can openers. You don’t want them rusting on your food! I use a Keetzen can opener from Amazon. it works amazingly well 🙂

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