Photo Hunters – Messy   24 comments



Messy but delicious!

Happy New Year Everyone!


Posted December 28, 2007 by Lana G! in Photo, Photo Hunters, Photography

24 responses to “Photo Hunters – Messy

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  1. Yummy Messy !!! Have a great weekend.

  2. I’m sure it started out really good. Happy hunting.

  3. It must have been really good. Great shot of messy.

  4. Mmmmm….looks like it was something really yummy!!

    Happy New Year!

  5. Perfect shot for the theme.
    Love the photo!

  6. That’s a good kind of messy. Yes and I know for a fact how duhlicious that was cuz the 2nd fork is mine 🙂

  7. and I want a bite, drats

  8. A yummy mess. Nice entry. Enjoy your weekend.

  9. That messy plate makes me hungry just looking at it. I bet it was great.

  10. Well, by the looks of it, I’m sure it was well enjoyed!

  11. It looks very yummy – I can easily forgive that kind of mess! Happy New Year.

  12. I’m watching my weight. I would just sacrifice and trash it away to stay in shape. Sometimes it may be hard to resist though.

    Mine is ready. Hope you don’t get a headache. It’s messy.

    Happy New Year. Phil 4:19

  13. That looks like it was delicious to eat!

  14. Oooh, it looks like it was chocolate!
    That’s my favorite kind of mess. 🙂
    My photo hunts include road construction, a bad restaurant, and a driveway full of snow.

  15. oh goodness! that looks really yummy!

    thanks for visiting mine.

    happy holidays!

  16. That’s the kind of mess one wouldn’t mind licking off clean 🙂
    Happy 2008!!!

  17. Now that’s the best kind of mess!! Looks like it was delicious!

  18. Oh… I was late. I love chocolate desserts!

    Happy New Year!

  19. The yummiest MESSY EVER! lol My Photo Hunt is up as well! Enjoy the rest of the Holidays!

  20. wooohoooo!!! that’s really a messy one! indeed you have a great picture,keep it up…

    mine is up here:
    Happy New Year!

  21. Oh that looks so good,but a messy plate for sure!

  22. That is a good one! Very good take on this week’s theme!

  23. Wow, wouldn’t mind that kind of mess if I did it myself. But that would be hard to wash,lol!

    I wish you the best in 2008! 🙂

    My Messy Photo

  24. I can just imagine how yummy it was! Happy New Year!

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