Christmas Eve – Neices, Nephews, Great Nephew!   4 comments

Here are some pictures from our Christmas Eve celebration!  More posts and pictures to come!

The Nieces & Nephews…


Moments with Jack…


Still editing all my pictures!  More family fun to come!


Posted December 27, 2007 by Lana G! in Christmas, Events, Family, Fellowship, Life, Love

4 responses to “Christmas Eve – Neices, Nephews, Great Nephew!

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  1. I love my nieces and nephews and grand nephew. Look at those Bag boys in their Christmas sweaters! hilarious . and all the facial hair. Beautiful shot of the newly engaged couple!

  2. BAD Sweaters!!!!! so wrong… but so festive -do we recognize one of those sweaters as Kelly’s????

  3. Wonderful pictures! It looks like everyone had fun!

  4. ahhh, I was wondering who the “new” girl was! So Kelly’s going to have a daughter-in-law! And as they others – breaking her in to the enormous gang 🙂

    And that Anthony family….how cute are they!!!!! thx for the pix!!

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