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Morning Glory over at Seeds From My Garden is hosting a Christmas Tree Treasures carnival today.  Check out the guidelines at her blog and then join in the fun.  I have chosen the following  from Morning Glory’s list to share about today:

* Your oldest tree ornament. When did you first use it and does it have a special significance?


This ornament is my oldest and favorite ornament.  This is a Russian ornament of St. Nicholas and it was given to my husband and I several years ago from a missionary couple we support.  Since I am Russian and my husband is Greek, this ornament is very special to me; it reminds me of my Russian heritage and hubby’s Greek heritage.  Here is the story of St. Nicholas.

The ornament is from Sergiev Posad, an old town in Russia about 45 miles from Moscow.  Sergiev Posad is where the first Russian Matroyshka dolls were made and in Russia, Sergiev Posad is called the capital of the toy kingdom.   I am always on the look out for Russian ornaments and this particular ornament is the reason why! It is hand painted and I love the detail on it.

The other interesting thing is my husband and I do not buy a Christmas Tree.  Since we travel so much and are usually not home at Christmas, I just use all my ornaments to either decorate my table or around the house.  My favorite thing to decorate at Christmas time is actually my dining room table!  It is set year round based on the current holiday or season!

I hope you enjoyed seeing my ornament and reading the history.  Now head on over to Seeds in My Garden and check out more Christmas Tree Treasure posts. And remember – Jesus is the Reason for this Season!

I’ve also linked to Katabug who is hosting Fun Monday Show me your  Christmas Ornaments version.


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14 responses to “Christmas Tree Treasures

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  1. I love your St. Nicholas! Wonderful information all the way around. Have a good week…

  2. Those are truly special items, and so very pretty. Thank you for joining in today.

  3. I love your Russian Ornaments, they are great! It’s so neat that you know the history as well. 🙂

  4. What a treasure! I love it. Thank you so much for sharing it and the amazing story of St. Nicholas! God Bless!

  5. They are so lovely full of character. I love the ones that have a story behind them. Happy Fun Monday.

  6. That is a really great Santa – I love Santa Claus on my tree.

  7. I just love your St. Nicholas and I agree with you, the details are exquisite! I can see why it is your favourite ornament:-) Merry Christmas!! xo

  8. What a cute St Nicholas ornament! How neat it is that you both get to share the ornament and the heritage it represents! 🙂

  9. Your St. Nicholas ornaments are lovely. Thank you for the accompanying story.

  10. He’s gorgeous!! And, thank you for calling him St. Nicholas and not Santa Claus. I always try to keep the distiction!

  11. I love the ornament! St. Nick is one of my favorites!

  12. If it’s not too much trouble, could I please have your email address? I am just switching over to wordpress from blogger and have some questions about uploading images. Your pictures are so lovely I know you will have the answers…lol. My email address is Thanks.

  13. That is a very precious ornament! i know you must treasure it!

  14. I love old ornaments and the history behind them. What a treasure!

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