It Snowed Today – Hurray!   6 comments

You gotta love it!  It is December 1st and to celebrate the new month, it snowed! Of course I ventured out into the powder and snowflakes to catch as many snow shots as possible.  Here are just a few of my favorite pictures…


Posted December 1, 2007 by Lana G! in December, Events, Fun, Photo, Photography, Snow

6 responses to “It Snowed Today – Hurray!

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  1. Love love love it! Enjoy…

  2. We’re not quite that in love with the first snow here in SW michigan (at least I’m not!!) We had quite the ice storm yesterday and I had to drive in it…..very, very slowly. Didn’t have to go far thankfully.

  3. OH, just noticed the cute santa and airplane, very fitting your blog 😉

  4. What a Wonderful Winter Wonderland!!!

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  6. Gorgeous!

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